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Babette gets her bubble butt pounded hard and swallows cum after a lot of a2m.

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Gorgeous girl! hope to see a lot more of her!


Super girl!


This hungarian hottie needs to be brought back. I start the Bring Back Babette aka BBB movement! Give her an anal creampie in an Allinternal scene which she then farts out and eats. Make it nasty! Make a scene with Babette and an other hottie like Tina Hot or Anita Bellini with a lot of ass to mouth, asslicking, anal creampie, cumfart, eating cumfart. Just pound her asshole hard and make her talk in any language (be it english or hungarian I don't care). And use inflatable butt plug to prepare her ass for big cock(s). That pertains to all the girls here too! One thing for sure: I want to see Babette's gaping asshole again! :)


In this episode, the lovely Babette gets a pounding. She is a pretty girl, with girl-next-door looks. She is very skinny from the head to her waist, and then again from her thighs down. In between, though, she has been blessed with a disproportionately large ass. Now, in some cultures that is a minus, but in mine it is a plus! She seems quite new and is a 7 or 8 on the nubile meter. She sticks to script, following off-screen instructions while maintaining her somewhat vacant smile throughout. Bonus points given for the cock plus metal probe double blowjob. Definitely a hot spot in this video. She does not interact much with the camera during sex. Of the emotion she showed, it primarily fell in between ‘this is uncomfortable in my ass’ and ‘it hurts, but I like it’. In the end, a few good parts to this video, but I cannot grant this one a permanent spot on my hard drive. - Civlor


Babette is a very beautiful girl, and she looks stunning in that blue dress! she looks really good. This girl is very curvy and I like that a lot. Her face is cute, looks so sweet when smiling. Well the scene starts with Babette showing her beautiful body. Then it's time for some toys in that little ass. The guy has a the big pleasure of playing with her ass hole, there's a lot of ass to mouth action with the little toy. And then comes the bigger toy. After toying her ass its time for Babette to show her blowjob skills, wich are very good. Then its time for the hardcore action, wich she enjoys a lot, to say it in a brief way, the guy fucks all her holes! And finally she gets that cute mouth filled with hot milk. Very good update!


I can see the weaknesses others have pointed to with this scene. Babette certainly comes across as an inexperienced performer, and she is rather passive, but at the same time is there is enough to be positive about. She is quite obviously attractive: slim but at the same time softly rounded. Though she does not make as much eye contact with the camera as I would like, there are moments, in particular following the cum shot at the end, that she smiles engagingly with a certain look in her eye, and you can see the performer she might become. Other than that, it is a well done scene, certainly worth it for the anal sequence in which she lies back on the sofa with her legs spread. Hopefully there is more, and better, to come from her.


Babette's body is amazingly taut. Her slender, long legs lead up to a huge ass which is very prominent even without her having to arch her back for the camera. She looks great taking a cock in her mouth as she spreads her butt cheeks open to receive a hard round of ramming from a metallic rod. Some may criticize the lack of an "entry" scene, but by the time we see this beauty laying on her side with a hard cock inside of her she is already extremely wet and horny. In my opinion it is a great way to transition from receiving a toy in the pile-driver position to straight-up fucking. Babette has a soft look about her; it's very easy to imagine how her breasts feel and it's clear to see that her mouth was designed to house a raging hard-on.
This scene is a must-see for fans of beautiful young women with extremely tight holes and a penchant for squealing while being penetrated.


Babette is a cute young newcomer to porn industry. She has a gorgeous body and angelic face. By the way she's a real anal slut:) The only negative with her is that she doesn't talk at all. I guess she doesn't speak English at all, but I wouldn't mind if she would talk her native language. Therefore the first ten minutes of the scene is kind of strange. Babette can suck cock like a pro! Her asshole gapes easily. This girl is no stranger to anal:) She loves sucking cock straight out of her ass and moans loudly:) Her face is priceless when fucked hard in the ass:) I bet she loved the taste of her little butt :) Next time she needs to get an anal creampie!


Babette is a very sexy model which has a big and very sexy ass and delightful hot pussy; very cute girl I really like her. This time there are some things I didn't like at all of this scene; starting for the fact that the foreplay was made by the male performer and not by Babette. I felt that this part was made for the model to continue exposing herself and not for the male performer to take part [girls know how to do it better than any guy]. I really enjoyed how Babette sucks cock, she has good oral skills in fact; also her moans of pleasure I found them very racy and pleasing to hear. And a good cum shot to be swallowed by Babette at the end; however, definitely the male performer has to be less aggressive and more gentle in all his moves. He has to know when he has to be aggressive and when to be gentle and with cadence. The scene looked to be very forced when it shouldn't to be so. [-Ramon]


I guess Babette is new to the industry as she seemed a bit nervous during the tease and never really owned the camera. I wouldn't really say she was the best performer, more of a passive performance letting the guy fuck her ass rather than taking control. There were also a few too many cuts instead of transitions to the next positions. But I guess all the previous can be put down to the girl not having much experience. Anyway despite this I still enjoyed the scene. I can't quite put my finger on what it was about her but I loved watching her get her ass fucked. This girls definitely got potential, showing some nice gapes and more than willing for ATM.


I'm assuming Babette doesn't speak English - but had to check that sound was on - because while she does the traditional tour of the garden she is SILENT :) It's minute 10+ before she's safely indoors and can start to strip off and show off her tits. She has very long hair and an interesting looking face. She has a nice butt and it's 11:05 that she's straddled a chair and showing us the pink jewelled butt plug.

It's 11:51 and she's attracted a stud who takes interest in popping the butt plug in and out a few times. This is nicely done and he soon switches to a bigger metal dildo while she gets busy sucking his dick. There's a change of position and she's laid on her back, prone, up against the sofa and he plunges the metal dildo in and out a few times. She's not mute!

19:36 and the scene just cuts to him fucking her up the ass. Come on PG, where's the penetration? The scenes are pointless without it. We want to see her face as she first gets a dick up her ass and it ends up on the cutting room floor. Doesn't matter if it takes a few times and it doesn't go in perfectly. HOW did it not make the cut?

She's fairly noisy at times and they go through a variety of positions but some of it is a touch half-hearted e.g. the doggy style at 40:21 neither of them look comfortable and it cuts straight from that to a pop on the tongue at 40:40+, which she swallows.

Quite a pretty girl but lacking excitement. 6/10.