Added December 7, 2003

This girl has the tightest ass I've ever seen. Two guys impale her ass after which she gets a massive facial. Dora loves to play with cum.

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Dora Venter


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The Girl Dora Venter stands about 1.55m tall and has blonde hair & brown eyes. She's been doing porno since 1999 and has been in loads of movies. Before the porn career she was a nurse in her homeland of Hungary - I'm sure there wasn't a shortage of patients wanting her to take care of them. The Scene For this clip, Dora's dressed in tight black shorts and a skimpy blueish top which doesn't do a very good job of covering anything up. A pair of strappy silver high heels complete the outfit as she's forgotten to put on her bra and knickers this morning. As you'd expect, the camera concentrates mainly on the butt during the teasing footage. "Do you like my bottom?", she asks. And it's a big "yes" from me to that question. The bulk of the scene takes place in a garden around a large wooden swinging bench. Once everything except the shoes has come off, Dora kneels on it and we're treated to more great shots of her ass and pussy. She warms up her asshole briefly with a glass didlo before being joined by a couple of lucky guys. As usual with Dora, the dick sucking is very high quality. Lots of eye contact with both of the guys and also straight into the camera as she goes back and forth between the two cocks. Lying down on her back she keeps up the oral on one guy as the other starts to fuck her pussy. They're quickly into doggie, during which Dora seems to forget about the dick in front of her as she gets distracted fingering her asshole. Now ready for a big cock in there, Dora guides it in with her hand. She takes a little while before she's comfortable to let it go, but eventually she allows him to get to it and busies herself sucking on the other dude. A little disappointingly for me, just as the anal action is getting going here there's a cut to a DP. The DP is followed by more anal doggie with some 'tasteful' gaping and a tiny bit of A2P thrown in for good measure. Dora takes both cumshots sitting down with her head tilted back resting on the bench seat. The first goes almost entirely into her mouth and she plays around with it before the second guy steps up and mainly misses, instead landing on her chin and neck. She swallows her mouthful and the camera gives us a final view of her naked body as she licks her lips contentedly. Conclusion It's nice to hear Dora talk a little as I find her accent adorable. Also on the plus side the oral was top notch - I did think the scene was a bit light on anal though. But I always like watching Dora and this clip is no exception.