Grace Joy

Added July 29, 2014

Grace Joy is a leggy brunette with Brazilian ancestry. Naturally she loves it up the ass and receives a huge facial.

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Grace Joy


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I was dripping pre-cum since 6:07, at 16:07 I shot a blissful load sooner than I wanted. Thank you Grace and James and PG!


11:55 the pre-cum is running, 16:05 I'm exploding the first time. This is too much: the big cock and the girl. The final: 14 shots of cum, I'm exploding second time. Thank you Grace and James, thank you PG!


When I saw the preview images on my screen, I gasped. This woman warms my gravy. Big ass, big fake tits, sexy face, and nerdy glasses. That is a lethal combination. Would the video live up to the hype? Yes and no. Immediately you see that reality is not quite what the snapshots portrayed. She is a stunner, but she might be relying on her exotic looks more than her "acting". Not to say things are bad, just not as glorious as I had foolishly hoped. It is very nice to see her body bouncing around, but the enthusiasm, the technique are all just average. Is it fair to judge the entire video based on her looks? No, not really. Will I delete this video from my hard drive? Hell no! It is still a very good scene. I do hope she develops her acting skills as her career will undoubtedly flourish. A keeper. - Civlor


Grace Joy is a true beauty with a lovely face framed by long flowing hair and a lovely curvy figure. The gimmick is that she wears glasses, and while I'm not a big fan of the lenses, I am a big fan of Grace Joy who has the looks and on-camera personality to make it a very sexy addition. The best moments of the video for me include: Grace slowly gliding a clear dldo into her ass at about 9:45 -- such a nice clear view of her lovely ass being self-pleasured. A really nice blowjob scene begins just after 11:00 with a great POV closeup at about 14:30. She gives great slow head. A view of her in reverse cowgirl position at 29:30 is very sexy with her full body on display, including her perfect breasts, with her pretty pink pussy visible as the male talent's cock slides into her ass. Finally, a massive cumshot all over her face and glasses during the final minute with the male talent spewing 14 shots of cum. A fine video with nice individual efforts and excellent chemistry. Please bring her back for more! 9/10 mmmgood


It's maybe odd, given that there was a lot to like in this scene, but for me it was really made by the glasses. Such a good look for Grace. There's a seductive blowjob, not particularly deep, before a really fine anal performance, especially in any of the lengthy doggy positions shown. I've occasionally found in other scenes that the cameraman moves around a bit too much for my liking - sometimes you just want to wallow in a good angle, and this scene gives us that.


What a joy it was to watch Grace. It's no time until she's toying her ass, even giving us some ATM. I would've liked a bit of deepthroat during the bj but not the end of the world. I liked that the scene was 100% anal so plenty of time to see that gorgeous ass getting pounded. She seemed to enjoy the long anal workout with nice moans throughout and even a few smiles.


Grace Joy looks absolutely gorgeous at both ends of her body. Her jet black hair is wild and gives her a great bad-ass look to go along with her thick-rimmed glasses. The POV Blowjob is fantastic. Looking down to see this babe and her pretty lips slobbering all over your knob would be a dream come true. We are are treated to a nice ripple across Grace's thick buttocks and thighs as the rock hard cock slides effortlessly in and out of her asshole. The reverse cowgirl is fast becoming a staple of Ass Traffic, and for good reason, as it is perfect for showing off assets such as Grace's long legs and cock-filled butthole as her breasts bounce up and down. Grace lays on her side and rubs her little pink cunt as she takes an anal plowing before the facial. The facial is certainly something to behold as Grace stimulates the hell out of the erect penis head with her mouth before receiving a massive load all over her glasses and her pouty face. Grace definitely knows how to use her facial expressions and oral skills to make a man explode.


Grace Joy is a beautiful brunette with lots of personality, a toned ass and with some big tits. She especially loves to be penetrated in the ass and to suck cock in a intense way. What I like the most from her, is her proactivity that shows in the scene and the way she gets really in to the scene. I think she can do better scenes [this is not a bad scene but I know she can do better]. Perhaps if she do a girl/girl/boy scene, we will witness the best from her; I think this is not a bad idea! :D [-Ramon]


Grace is cute with Jet black hair and perfect boobs. She strips and does a quick tease but it's not long (5:00+) until she has a big clear dildo out and is jamming it up her butt-hole. 11:20 the guy arrives and does a bit of dibbing with the dildo but he soon gets his cock out and she gives a long, well thought out blow job. Her hanging tits look just great and she rubs her pussy as she gets into it. 17:40 and he's well warmed up and bends her over and it's straight up the ass. Personally, I always prefer it to see the pussy getting some fucking too but the scene is well developed, no bad editing and we see the switch from BJ to insertion. Nicely done. He plows her anally in a number of positions. She looks good at 31:40 with legs spread and wet pussy glinting and how he's not paying more attention to her pussy, only he knows. Stick some fingers in there fella, she is gasping for it. There's ATM throughout and she looks good in those glasses. He finally pops on her face at 48:30+ and deposits a quality load. Well done. A nice scene, a good girl, not quite reaching the intensity it would be nice to see. 8/10.


Fine to see one time again a girl with more bad girl look, what I find better for Anal and DP scenes. Nice dress too and a good facial again of James. Maybe soon an DP scene of her could be nice or two loads in the bum for All Internal.