Added April 15, 2008

Lisa Sparkle is back at AssTraffic after a long hiatus. She gets a cock straight to her ass. Two guys end up baning her and double penetrating her holes. She gets plastered in cum.

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Lisa Sparkle

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Gorgeous brunette Lisa is the ass of choice for this scene. This long haired babe has a body and face made for assfucking. Our first stud finds her in the doggy position on the white-carpet floor. His dick glides into her warmed up asshole. After a minute or two, stud number two walks in. He gets his crack at her backdoor. He takes it easy on her ass while the first guy gives Lisa something to suck on. The two seem gentle with her in the beginning. Lisa lifts up off her hands and elbows. Kneeling on the floor she grabs both cocks and starts sucking them. One of the guys makes a handle of her long, black hair. Lisa obviously loves lunchmeat, especially in a tubular form. After the oral break they go back to assfucking her doggy. Lisa looks perfectly at home with one dick in her mouth and one in the ass. Lisa sits on a barstool. One warrior enters her shithole from behind. The guys kneels on a second stool in front of her. Lisa leans forward, and Hoovers away on his beefstick. The full-bodied bitch is perfect for this sort of action. After a while the guys switch ends. One of the gents lies down on the carpeted floor. Lisa mounts his pillar with her puckered hole. The other stud stands to her right so she has something to suck on. Her beautiful tits bounce with each thrust. The action kicks up a notch as the two studs decide to DP our hot whore. Lisa’s two holes are sandwiched between them. Her moaning picks up. The guys move to a spoon position. Lisa’s poopchute endures its thumping as the other stud shoves his cock in her mouth. Like earlier, the guys switch off after a bit. Lisa takes up the doggy position on the couch. Her sweet ass is split wide once more while her willing mouth pleases the other cock. Her big ass is the perfect target. The energy is frantic, not like the earlier gentle pace. They have Lisa lie on a lounger. Her ass pummeling continues. To her left she has the other cock to keep hard with her mouth. The guys exchange positions. The stud near her face strokes his cock after a bit. He is ready. He shoots an excellent load onto her face. It dbangs over the tip of her nose, above her lip, down the left side of her face. It also includes a nice stripe on her forehead. Stud number two pulls out of her ass. Stroking his shaft he aims it towards Lisa’s face. The initial spurt hits her face, but two long steady jets shoot straight into her mouth. Lisa gags slightly as she drives his mouthwash out. For two guys they do a good job on the jizz bath. It was nice to see a good facial ending. I wish there had been nastier, more powerful assfucking. Lisa has the body made for hardcore ass-pounding and depraved DP action.