Added November 2, 2003

Nikita is a cute blonde who loves anal sex, so we hooked her up with a well hung stud. Watch her get fucked hard in the ass and then have a huge load dropped on her face.

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The Girl I really don't know much about Nikita. She's obviously eastern European but I don't know which country specifically - wherever she's from she has managed to pick up at least a little English along the way. She has blonde hair, ample tits and a decent body. Not stunning but definitely cute. The Scene The scene takes place in a bedroom with Nikita in an all red combination of hot pants, revealing top and heels. The blouse has some convenient holes through which Nikita can show off her tits and play with her erect nipples before stripping down to get on the bed. On all fours we're presented with a perfect view of her asshole which she penetrates first with a finger and then with a chunky pink buttplug. The tip goes in and out pretty easily but before any full insertion we cut to some close up oral on a big cock. She can only get a couple of inches in her mouth but certainly tries her best here, letting him hold her head and push into her hands free. There is some fairly disturbing moaning from the guy during the blowjob - I'd have been tempted to cut this as it's quite offputting in my opinion. Using a cushion on the floor for comfort, he fucks her in missionary, spoon and doggie positions. She takes it hard and deep into her pussy, reaching back to spread her cheeks without being prompted. Naturally, he takes this as a cue to move on to her ass, repeatedly entering her as she lies almost flat with just her butt raised. We can see her gape slightly wider each time before he starts to fuck her properly while she plays with her pussy. The same procedure follows in piledriver, so 5 or 6 mini gapes precede a firm assfucking with him firstly facing her and then away. There's some particularly deep penetration in this position and this certainly registers on Nikita's expression as we look down at her. I do normally like to see as much as possible of the girl's body at all times, but the views shown in the last preview pic were quite interesting with basically only the butt visible (and her feet in the background). This is intercut with a few more gapes and facial closeups. During Nikita's piledriver, the cameraman also joins in, fucking her in both the ass and pussy. They keep it strictly 1 on 1, with no DP - I guess someone has to hold the camera. After a couple of minutes they switch back in order to prepare for the cumshots. Both guys shoot onto her face rather than in the mouth. A third guy also turns up from somewhere and she takes his load too. Conclusion A bit of a mixed clip with some positives and negatives. Nikita is easy on the eye and took it hard and deep both in the pussy and anally. On the other hand, the male lead just made too much annoying noise for my liking.