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Victoria's ass gets rocked at the mercy of two cocks. Our boys go straight to her ass and DP her tight holes. She swallows down two loads of cum.

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Victoria Shine

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Victoria is another ok cute blond in for an ass fuck. She is a little to old being 25 instead of barely just 18 -but what can you do with a no brain blond that needs only SEVEN years to figure out that her place in life is being at AssTraffic for everyone to see taking cock up the asshole - laugh and give the bitch some time to catch her breath and think! Well finally Victoria shows up for some ANAL - she does not look and scream the way I like from the beginning - but as we go along it gets better and here and there Victoria pulls the face that says "ouch -I don't like this, this fucking hurts!" -So Victoria's effort is not a total wast of time. Victoria will not be remembered in the overall porn history for sure and the shallow wage she got is long gone - but at just 0:12 she is placed in reverse cowgirl and takes it up the ass - and the cock hits just spot on right and Victoria's face shows pure discomfort! - I had to go over this at least ten times. At the end Victoria is in doggy and I must have seen this part more than 15 times now -damn this is good. From here on until the end Victoria looks like it's a tough unpleasant job and it's clear that the guys are having a damn good time hurting Victoria's ass with their cocks! Victoria gets her ass fucked without showing any pleasure - Lovely! - just what I like. Dmander


Excellent Anal here! Victoria ends up in doggy anal on the chair taking cock shoved up her asshole and she does not look like she enjoys it one bit! There is a lot of true pain in her face as she learns what she is worth and why she was born in the first place. This is a lovely scene and many times we have the pleasure of seeing Victoria looking really uncomfortable and pained as the cocks hits where it hurts! It's a lovely part cos' you can really see the pain and how much it hurts so clearly in Victoria's face! - Very nice and pleasing ! Just lovely... Dmander


Victoria is quite cute but not a mayor turn on for me - although I cant put my finger in why not. Anyway Victoria surely takes a solid ass fucking with a lot facial close ups or face in frame shots while getting it up the butt. seeing the girls face while getting her ass fucked is crucial! Of note is that there is some DP but thankfully pretty brief and it's in the middle and not at the end, so we get good pure anal finish in this one and that is a plus. If you have to include DP then get it over and done with and get back on the pure anal track! Dmander


Victoria is in doggie on a lounge chair, showing off her ass in neon panties. We get a nice extended ass tease, which is better than usual as Victoria has some good meat on that tush. She sits on a bar stool and pulls aside her panties, exposing her butthole for a stud to come and play with. Strangely, the first thing he does is stick a carrot in her ass! This is short lived, as before he pulls it out the scene shifts and Victoria is in doggie getting a huge cock up her ass! She gets nailed in doggie by this monster cock while sucking off another guy. He pulls out and she sucks him off ass to mouth. She then gets anal in reverse cowgirl, again sucking off the other stud to make sure he is not lacking in attention. Her shoes are off and we get nice shots of her feet on the stud's thighs as he pounds that butthole. They do a brief DP then the anal continues as Victoria puts her legs up high in the air. More doggie ensues and we also see a cowgirl DP. They put her legs high in the air and pound her ass in mish. They do some spoon before going back to doggie on the lounge chair. This chick is getting her ass ferocious,ized! This is a nice shot as she's getting assfucked, throatfucked, and we can sometimes see the soles of this cutie's feet! The next shot is great too, as she is getting nailed in mish, and we get closeups of her asshole getting impaled by these big cocks. To finish, both guys come in her mouth and she swallows. Excellent anal scene, lots of hard fucking and ass to mouth. Gotta love it. Rating: 8.5/10