Aletta Ocean

Added December 16, 2008

It's time for Alien's ass to get fucked finally. Two guys go to town on her ass and even double penetrate her.

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Aletta Ocean


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This is one of my favorite scenes from Aletta! To begin with, she has some lube all over her butt just after that some milk is poured over her ass. In my opinion, the camera work was well done, we have nice views during all the movie and some fine and attractive close-ups. The performance of Aletta with this threesome was excellent as usual. My favorite thing to watch was how she gets rid of all the cum of both guys swallowing it, always all smiles with her. [-Ramon VM]


Damn right AssMan Yeah, Let's hope dim little Alien is foolish and greedy enough to come back for another round in "the ring"! Then the three most aggressive guys can really take her out!! Nailing her flat down in the ass 'till there is no funny faces left in her and she becomes a totally "broken in fuck toy" deprived of any will and say what so ever - while cocks just keep power pounding Alien right up her spine thru the asshole. She damn sure as the sun shines deserves it more than ever after her "trying to be cute", "prima donna smart" and very cheeky performance here! Guys! Bring her back and do her good! - She deserves it and needs it - Give her the CURE! - She will be a better person for every one, once she has had her little asshole professionally ripped! -It's simply a fact. Dmander


I agree with Dmander, when a bitch is as good looking as Alien, we really need to see her totally destroyed, not having fun in a soft scene! The guys obviously went easy on her for some reason, we know if they wanted to get rough, they could have her crying on the floor begging them to stop the scene in about a minute! I'm sure we'll get to see it, just not this time. We can just hope that somewhere, soon, Alien is stuck in a scene that makes her regret ever doing porn, with 3 or 4 guys systematically and effortlessly destroying her asshole, high fiving and laughing with each other while the camera moves in to show the desperation on Alien's face wile the cocks go deeper and deeper!:shock: This is what the members all want - and will get very soon!


Alien is super hot stuff and clearly deserves big hard cocks hammered up her asshole non stop! But why is Alien allowed to show pleasure and blurt out all that "I like it" - "yes yes" turn off bull shit when that is EXACTLY what I DO NOT want to see at ALL as a cute girl takes it up the ass?? Dmander


Alien is a super fucking hot babe! Alien has the "bimbo babe" look that all teenage girls should strive for: Long black dye hair, silicone cock suck lips, big fake boobs and fake bimbo nails! - that a cock doll! Alien started out a while back with some non anal scenes and I was really pissed off and angry with Alien that she was just another stupid porn fake that did not take it in the ass! Alien is just the type of girl I want to see take some ferocious, hard anal abuse! Well Alien takes some semi OK deep throat but unfortunately not deep and hard enough to make her cry and look really uncomfortable... and that is a damn shame! The scene then turns to ANAL like it should with no pussy fucking. But very much to my regret Alien takes the cock up the ass much too easy showing no signs of pain and discomfort on her face and in her voice like she should ... this is really a MAYOR bummer! Damn it! Well the ass fucking picks up and Alien screams as the cocks are shoved up her ass. On the bar stool she screams with a OK look on her face but unfortunately she still pulls the highly annoying look of pleasure and "give it to me" shit really don't like at all. -this is NOT what I wanted to see! In short Alien gets the cock treatment in the ass she naturally and rightfully deserves but she shows WAY to much pleasure to make this a really enjoyable scene - what a shame. Dmander


Once again... BRAVO!! I really enjoyed this movie because you pretty much covered all the bases, got some POV, asspounding, Double Penetration, oh did I mention ass pounding? I personally don't really care much for the two guys +1 chick format, mainly because theres always a set of balls in the way, lol. BUT in this film you made sure to have each guy have a go at her for a couple minutes at a time and I think that makes up for it, I really enjoyed the latter part though where you could see her ass getting pounded along with the look on her face, oh and I like the fact that the dude on top seems to enjoy grabbing her by the shoulders and shoving his cock deep in her ass, thats what I would do so it seems more realistic. Good job fellas!