Angelik & Tiffany

Added December 5, 2022

Beautiful French babes Angelik Duval and Tiffany Doll star in this anal extravaganza full of ass to mouth and gaping assholes.

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Angelik Duval, Tiffany Doll


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These two girls look like they understand very well each other. And is not because both are French, I think that they actually like each other. They seem to enjoy touching their bodies, squeezing her big asses and having threesomes with another man. They should do a complete girl / girl scene, I can imagine how intense that would be. But, this scene has it all. They team up extremely well, especially during the double blowjob; is a delight just watching them sucking and licking the cock. And luckily, the double blowjob last quite a long time. The variety of poses makes this scene very rich and more enjoyable. The ending was fantastic, Angelik stroking the cock with her hand and Tiffany receiving all the cum inside her mouth just to swallow it all. 10/10 [-Ramon]


Awesome scene. I enjoyed the girl girl warm-up with both girls more than happy to lick their friends ass off a dildo and bury their tongues in each other's gaping assholes. The only downside I can really think of is that the BJ  went on for a bit too long for my liking, especially since there was plenty of time for sucking cock throughout the scene. I wouldn't have complained if the girl girl rimming continued for a bit longer in place of some of the BJ. The scene picked up again after though with both girls taking a good ass fucking with lots of atogm thrown in.


A French girl can guarantee several things to a porn producer: A sexy accent; a fit, fuckable figure; and best of all, an absolute love for using her rectum to devour hard cock. Let a friend of hers tag along and the results should be nothing short of explosive. Fortunately for us, Tiffany and Angelik were not the exception.

The outdoor/indoor tease that preceeds the sex is fantastic. This Euro duo could easily pass for fashion models, looking catwalk-ready in their matching numbers. The girls feel each other up, do a little casual spanking, adorn each other with jewel butt plugs and warm up their assholes with big toys. Easily one the best openings on the site.

The double suck they perform is beautiful and the action that follows is purely anal. I was expecting the guy to treat himself to some tight French cunt, but I'm glad it didn't happen. Mutual ATM, encouraging dirty talk and nice positions complete the picture. This scene holds the Ass Traffic banner high and doesn't let up until Angelik strokes off the butt-weary cock into Tiffany's open mouth - it's enough to share, but Tiff knows this isn't Sperm Swap (gulp). Vive la France!

- Ivan


Let me introduce you two anal nymphos straight outta France:) Angelik Duval and Tiffany Doll are the duo of your dreams - as long as assfucking goes:) The two petite brunette spinners are starting with some teasing and enjoying themselves as the scene begins. After an actually little slow start (not much of talker either of the girls, Tiffany is the more active, Angelik's other name could be moaner) the ladies lick and fuck each other assholes with a toy â?“ a pretty good segment. Now the bombshells are ready for some cock:) After they passed the oral exam, it can start off the buttfucking bonanza. Both anal queens get fucked in the pooper in multiple positions with lots of ATM:) At the end Angelik jerks off the dick into Tiffany's mouth which is pretty hot. What I especially loved was Tiffany's dirty talk with the french accent:) If I had to pick one of the girls it would be hard. I'd choose Angelik's asshole with Tiffany's sexy voice (with that accent). The perfect combo:)




Angelik and Tiffany are two French girls that really compliment each other. They are dressed almost the same way, with one in dark colors (Tiffany) and one in light colors (Angelik). Almost right away it is apparent that the colors appropriate for the rest of the video. Tiffany, in black, gives off a much more slutty vibe. She is more affectionate with the camera and moves her body in very appealing ways. Angelik, in white, is much more reserved and shy. The great news is they both have banging bodies and asses that won't quit. The hottest part of the first half is when naughty Tiffany breaks Angelik in with a dildo to the ass, which goes into her mouth without hesitation. In my mind the bad girl is teaching the good girl a lesson in anal action. With that being said, Angelik is able to take a pretty sizable dildo in the ass very deeply for a 'rookie'. They suck cock the way two girls should, lips on cock at the same time. Taking turns barely qualifies. Let me pause here and mention that French sex talk is just about the hottest in the world. They take turns getting hammered in the ass with great chemistry throughout. Tiffany takes the load, but does not share it with Angelik! Points off for that one. Also, a lot more making out would have made this video a hall of famer. Overall, a fantastic scene. Definitely one of the best! - Civlor


I saw a blog posting about this scene months ago, and have not been able to watch this scene. I had seen a few snippets of Angelik Duval's work, and she looked so elegant and pretty and nasty at the same time. Tiffany Doll has been around since about 2010, according to the Eurobabeindex, but Angelik's resume is far shorter. But, PerfectGonzo has had other French girls on their sites over the years, and the results have always been volcanic.

Both the girls look fantastic in white stretch pants, though Angelik is wearning the white outfit, and Tiffany the black, and their asses are delightful. After some tease, Angelik gets in doggy and has Tiffany work a dildo into her ass. Angelik is quite tight at first, but opens up and gapes nicely as Tiffany gets more aggressive with the toy. Then it is Tiffany's turn for Angelik to work on her ass. Next, the girls simultaneously work on their respective asses.

Our stud then shows up as the girls rub their asses on his head. Then they give him a double blow job. Tiffany is the first for the anal, taking it in doggy while Angelik is there for the ass to mouth and rimming. Then it is Angelik's turn, also in doggy. Angelik and Tiffany get in a 69 position with Angelik on top taking the anal. Tiffany is the more vocal of the two with the dirty talk throughout the scene, and here she tells us how Angelik is a slut and how she likes to get fucked in the ass, and imploring the stud to fuck her harder. This is the highlight of the scene. After some lengthy doggy anal for Angelik, Tiffany takes it in doggy again then cowgirl before Angelik jumps on in cowgirl anal. We get both of the girls taking it in missionary and then side saddle, before they both stack on top of each other. The scene finishes with Tiffany taking the load in her mouth.

This was a magnificent scene! Again, the French girls on this site did a stellar job, looking extraordinarily pretty and sexy, yet so dirty. I was especially impressed by Angelik's performance. Despite looking like a Hollywood starlet, her nastiness is hinted at by a nipple and clit piercing, and she did anal like a superstar! Tiffany was also very sexy, and her dirty talk added a lot to the scene, as most of the recent scenes have been entirely without talking.


A scene with two girls and a guy always is a little risky for the producers, because you never know if the girls get along with each other. Angelik Duval and Tiffany Doll seem to enjoy themselves very much which makes this scene very special amongst all those thousands of porn scenes out there. Just watch and enjoy. (Mr_White - eurobabeindex)


Amazing, awesome, phenomenal scene to begin the new year. I came twice watching this one, keep the good work and keep me cumming! Bravo and thank you !


Wowwwww! Angelik is such an angel! The scene is amazing!
Keep the good work! Bravo!!


Wow, what fun would I have if I was on the other end of that dick... ;-)


These girls look so hot licking each others asshole, I'd love to have a taste!


A great way to begin the new year!