Added March 7, 2004

A cute skinny girl with a beautiful purdy ass. She gets get ass destroyed by a large cock. Huge gaping action in this scene. The scene ends with multiple facials.

Featured model(s):

Angelina Crow


Body Type skinny Breasts perky small Butt apple Clothes costume high heels lingerie Cumshot facial Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type baby face Fluids female squirting milk squirting Furniture lounger Hair long - straight Hair color dark Location outdoors Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Position jockey missionary reverse cowgirl Pubic Hair shaved trimmed Pussy/Labia medium Sex anal blowjob - single Skin tone medium Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting Toys dildo - anal



The Girl Surely everyone knows Angelina Crow? For the uninitiated, she's a 23 year old brunette cutie from Budapest, Hungary. She may be petite at just a little over 5 feet tall, but she has a penchant for anal sex and usually offers up some great gaping. The Scene Everything takes place outside and Angelina starts off by posing on some pool furniture in red panties and a matching top. The teaser footage has a relaxed feel to it with Angelina 'lazing around' while exposing her tits before stripping off completely to finger herself. She only dallies briefly with her pussy and concentrates instead on her asshole - pushing a couple in up to the knuckle. The sex starts up with a leisurely blowjob on a two seater swinging chair. Angelina's tiny size makes the cock look very big - she only really gets the head in her mouth but she gives it plenty of attention with her hand as well. Staying on the swing, we cut to reverse cowgirl and Angelina begins to moan as she slides her pussy down onto him. There's a perfect view of her full body and this is maintained while they switch to spooning. It's soon time for Angelina's ass to get a proper workout and they begin this with a black buttplug. After working it into her he gives her the real thing in some more spooning variations. This looks best with her legs together (as seen in the 4th preview picture) and they thankfully keep this going for a while with just a few occasional camera movements up the body to get her facial expressions. When they do change position it's to anal cowgirl (which lasts for literally 20 seconds) and then to missionary where we first see the gaping that Angelina is famous for. Particularly towards the end when she holds her legs high and wide apart while spreading her cheeks and smiling for the camera. Angelina takes 2 facial cumshots to end the scene before they do some messing around with a cake and champagne spraying that seemed a little unnecessary but was apparently in good humour. Conclusion I've always liked Angelina Crow so it's obviously good to see her here. It's admirable how much she can take at her size and fans of the gape shot will probably want to see this (although purely in terms of gaping, this wouldn't be among her top scenes). I could personally have done without the messing around at the end, but as it didn't look mean spirited I don't think it distracted much from a decent clip.