Carla Cox

Added June 10, 2008

This beautiful bubble butt blonde gets ready for an assfuck. She squirts as the guys pound her butt. Both cumshots go down her throat.

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Carla Cox

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Diese PORNOSCHLAMPE lässt meinen HURENSCHWANz nicht mehr erschlaffen!!!!!!!!!!!!! lange nicht mehr sooooo intensiv gewixxt!!!!!!!JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IST DAS G E I L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just love when girls are happy and excited to get their creamy reward at the end of the movie, and Carla show us a perfect sample of what I'm talking about in this scene, as she gets the contents of two pair of balls. The first guy shoots a poweful load of watery semen, most gets into Carla's mouth, some of it flies and lands on the sofa that's behind Carla. I just love her smile, as the guy ejaculates into her pretty mouth. The second guy unloads a beautiful load of white semen. Carla swallows, but sadly some of the cum drips out of her mouth during her attempt of showing us the mixture.


God I love her ASS


OK OK - That last remark was maybe over the top - another tastless joke that has nothing to do with Carla really.. The real issue is that anyone who has checked her out at Eurobabeindex will know that she has been all over the shop especially on the TEEN sites that specialize in showing girls dressed and styled to look like teenage super cute schoolgirls - I mean SUPER CUTE! Go see the previews of Carla at "YoungBusty", "explicite" or "CLUBSEVENTEEN" and most likely you will have the same trouble breathing normally that I have. Then you will think just like me: "Why the fuck don't she look and dress just like this here at AssTraffic where there is HIGH quality hard ANAL - I feel cheated ! Damn, to see her in dressed in that school girl, teen bopper, cotton toe socks, pigtail cutie pop bimbo "Hello Kitty" style combined with the hard anal would be nerve shattering exciting. On one hand I really hope the team behind AssTraffic will put a site together dedicated to this theme only -and on the other hand if you did -damn I'd be in real trouble cos' I know for damn sure that it would be highly addictive and I'd have a very, very hard time quitting my membership -and when I did I know I'd be right back after a short brake... Dmander


OK - Carla gets fucked good and hard in the ass- but she is such a little "prima donna" slut and you can see that she thinks a lot of her self - so I just want to see her fucked so ULTRA fucking hard in the ass that she screams and cries, tears rolling down her face from the pain of oversized cocks ripping her asshole to bits, while she is choked non stop with big cocks straight from the asses of all the girls she grew up with and still dislikes. That will be a rock hard pleasure and joy! Dmander


Carla is so super fucking MEGA hot and she knows it the little fucking slut! This is just not HARD enough! This little dumb slut needs to be fucked so painfully hard in the ass that she will cry trying to forget that she ever thought that she was something at all -hello "pornstar" ! Fuck her MEGA hard until she knows in her soul that she is just another cheap hole!


Carla hits the spot for me! She is such a bimbo slut, with that self indulgent "no brain" look that goes right to the weak spot. Damn I dig that fake curled blond hair -what a turn on! And she's got that cute girly face. Carla is a HOTTIE for sure... Carla is so hot - the perfect blond bimbo - she looks so good getting fucked in the ass with her "pop slut" looks... Carla is the type of girl born only to spend all her time looking sexy and getting fucked hard in the ass! Carla takes a good pounding in the ass here and her face looks good now and then -But I have to admit that I would really, really like to see her in a record breaking "over the top" super raw scene getting non stop deep throated and gaged while her ass is power drilled beyond... (like the best of Tamed Teens by 10) Carla is so hot. Dmander