Added March 4, 2008

Debbie is a skinny chick who loves to get ass fucked. She sucks two cocks and then gets double penetrated. Debbie swallows two loads of sperm.

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Debbie White


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Dmander, you're definitely onto something here with your reviews! The thing about whores is that they know what their purpose is. Euro trash bitches like Debbie White are no we can see from her scenes. Put on a good show, get the guys off and give up that ass, no questions asked. Great!


Debbie is a slim stunning bitch, great legs and a beautiful face with big eyes and full "cock sucker" lips. Just the girl for a good hard ANAL RAPTURE ! - Isn't it great to know that EVERY girl you see here at AssTraffic will get fucked in the ASS? Instead of going "I hope" or "will they" -no fuck that! ANAL every time rocks! Especially when you don't go for vaginal porn at ALL but only for straight to ANAL and HARD DEEP THROAT (after anal -and at best to other teen girls throat) Anyway lets see what this flick can do. Although I much prefer the girls to be only 18 or 19, Debbie (23 years), I gotta say is a sexy turn on and she surely deserves getting her tight asshole fucked super hard until it is left gaping, red and sore! Debbie makes nice cute girlie sound the way I like. Debbie starts out sucking the cocks in a sweet way and looks quite cute. Soon we get some good deep throat as one of the cocks go balls deep down Debbie's throat -but unfortunately we don't see Debbie crying from cock shagging her throat the way I enjoy so much. So the throat job was too short here. Anyway, cock goes up Debbie's ass in cowgirl - Ride chick! Yeah soon speed picks up and Debbie take a good anal pounding. She does not scream as loud with the pained look on her face I would like to see - but hopefully that will come! Damn damn damn and DAMN! Debbie sure take takes a full on ANAL beating here! But she does not screams with the look in her eyes that says "it's to BIG and to HARD for my asshole -I CAN'T take anymore, make it STOP!! -Damn, what a bummer!!! It's a matter of taste I guess and some guys might find this flick just fine cos' it's good hard anal - but I miss that extra crucial kick when I can see for GOD DAMN FUCKING SURE that the cock shoved up the girls asshole rips and hurts! nice scene anyway - I could get thru it... Dmander


Yes! Debbie White doing anal? Are you kidding me? This is shaping up to be one hell of a month at Ass Traffic. Debbie looks killer as usual, with her incredibly slim body hugging a tight two piece outfit. We get some great as tease before the panties come down and a pink buttplug is inserted into her cute ass. She moves around with the buttplug still in her butt before getting down on her knees and welcoming two big cocks. She gives some decent head before the guys get her on her back on the lounge chair for some saliva-filled skullfucking. The first position we get is reverse cowgirl anal. What a pleasure it is to finally see this chick get her ass impaled, and we get to see her cute feet as well! The guys go to work here, nailing her ass from below and above, and gaping her once in a while for good measure. They do some spoon anal and brief doggie before giving her a DP in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The guys then cum in her mouth, and she swallows it down, playing with her clit as the movie ends. Great stuff, what more do you need to say, it's Debbie White getting analized! Rating: 9/10