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Helena's tight ass get a cock directly in it. She gets ass fucked hard with some ass to mouth and then swallows a load of cum.

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The BEST FUCKING LOVE MUSIC in PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Helena Sweet is one of the HOTTEST FUCK SLUTS in the WORLD!!!!!!!!! I LOVE her Body, her TITS11 and her dreamful FUCKING CRYING MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She crys best of all Porn SLUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This girl is hot - and some good angles from behind. A shame theres actually no milk squirt

Gabe - Perfectgonzo

Our pleasure :)


if only all your scenes had these angles and shots i would be a member for life. Great camera work and awesome angles. Thank you


THE BEST TYPE OF ANAL AT ALL! At the end of this scene Helena is flat down on the couch, ass right on the edge legs all out. Helena is pinned down really good with no were to move or way of escape as the cock is hammered with full drive up her ass and in to her body! Helena screams with pain all over her face absolutely helpless to every hard, balls deep hammering of cock up the ass - all she can do is scream and take it! The look on her face is just GREAT - JUST WHAT I LIKE This is the ULTIMATE position and this should be the MODUS for all scenes in the future. Make a new site where every scene is like this ALL the way thru - non of all the other stuff - just this - a cute (teen) girl getting "flat fucked" ALL the time for 20 minutes or more! Dmander


In fact the anal action here is really good and hard - Helena's ass take a good healthy rightful beating - but this action should be applied to EVERY young TEEN girl here -on all sites - Just skip all the vaginal stuff and stick to PURE anal featuring ONLY girls age 18 and 19 - thats what I like to see Dmander


Helena is a dream hot blond bitch and I am a long time fan. Helena clearly deserves cock shoved up her ass several times every day - but she has done a lot of work over the last years and is now a pro. So even if Helena take a lot of good hard anal like any girl should -it is not as satisfying as when a young TEEN girl is drilled hard and good in the ass for the first time! So please stop the "re-runs" and give us FRESH NEW T E E N girls who are totally newcomers to the game getting FUCKED hard up the ass - cos' that is what we like! Dmander


BRAVO! The guy in this video did a fantastic job of pounding her in the ass, he should be in charge of all the anal scenes form now on, I especially enjoyed the part towards the end where she was on her stomach getting her hair pulled, nice job. Also I think the best part about Helena is that she is very vocal and really gets into her role, that combined with the fact that she is very HOT makes for a great experience, I get bored when theres alot of foreplay and "love making" going on, just want to see the action, and this video delivers!


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