Jessyka Swan

Added January 24, 2014

Jessyka Swan has an amazing bubble butt that just asks to be gaped and fucked. Our stud pounded her tight ass hard.

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Jessyka Swan


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The gape/ ass worship shake @ the 38:30 mark is the best thing that perfect gonzo has ever put out. Phenomenal work on both sides. The best aspect of the scene is how lady like Jessica is throughout, she manages to have class even while her asshole is destroyed.


Absolutes Analweltklasse Video


the nelson is great !!!


I will pay more for this :)


Worlds best anal gape. Would love to see much more with her on this wonderfull site.


I just found her, I'm high. I'm spankin' it, I can't seem to stop. That's a good girl.


Jessyka looks great here and whoever did her eyeshadow deserves a prize. Jessyka is the best girl in porn at the moment. Hopefully she'll stay fresh enough to enjoy for a few scenes yet. After the tease and BJ she starts off on top, dick in pussy, at 24:00. Pink jewel buttplug still in? Yes!

At 26:00, she's laid on her side and a big fat dick slips into her ass. This insertion is well shot. There's some good gapes and the couple work their way through a number of positions including an impressive doggy-style and some amazing gapes at 45:50. As some of the other reviewers have said, this scene has more of the intensity that some of the "new" PG scenes have lacked. It's a little shame to have so much cutting between scenes, including to the pop shot, but maybe that's inevitable in these 1hr+ scenes. A strong 9/10.


Who said Porn wasn't art? This scene just about proves how naturally beautiful and incredible sex can be.

The Girl - 9/10

Jessica is an incredible model, she comes across as quite shy but during her sexual acts she's a lot more willing than most girls. She's quite a small girl so seeing her in action is always arousing. I'm a huge fan of Shorter girls(not too short obviously). Sexy outfits in this the purple dress really shows off her

Filming - 7/10

The scene itself is quite simple in terms of it's structure, girl teases to begin with and then guy comes and slowly fucks her. Camera shots are done well and you can see her gorgeous body in full as well as her gapes and cumshots. My only criticism would be that there's not enough angles filmed during her arse penetration and the scene has too many closeup shots. some more shots from a distance would have been good

Sex - 8/10

Easily the best since Gonzo Relaunched. Scene involved some fast hard action and you can tell the guy was doing his best make it as intense as possible. Jessica took his cock well and the Squat position shot of his dick pile driving her arse was glorious to watch in HD. Pure sexual content. Cumshot swallow at the end was also done well.

Overall - 8/10 Fantastic scene and some incredible hardcore action not found in the newer scenes. This scene builds up the sex very well and is one of the better ones released by Gonzo since it relaunched. A must Watch!


Jessyka is a fine brunette with a slim, sexy body. She has a very pretty face but with a sly look. I like the way the pink jewel butt plug looks inserted into her tight little ass. Also like the way she takes a hard cock inserted hard into that same little asshole. Finally, I like the way she holds her pierced tongue out patiently for a nice thick cum glazing and swallows with a proud look, knowing she has done well. Good girl, Jessyka! Mmmgood


Jessyka Swan is one of the hottest female hardcore models right now and finally she worked for the hottest website! Thanks to PerfectGonzo for this fantastic scene.
Oh, and before I forget: Please book her more often and make sure to get her two or three cocks next time. I would love to see Jessyka in a remake of the classy AllInternal Eva Black scene (you know, the scene with 3 internal anal cumshots) - that would really make my day. (Mr_White - eurobabeindex)


What else can be said about this scene that hasn't already been said. I hope to see this girl again. The new Perfect Gonzo may seem slow, but the latter scenes have begun to show good balance between watching a girl of pure beauty with the kind of hardcore sex that makes porn worth watching.
It may be strange for a porn review but I couldn't help but notice that male talent in this scene seemed to have a great deal more intensity. He put the young Jessyka Swan through the Ass Traffic treatment with a bit more gusto than the male talent in previous scenes. Combine this with the fact that Ms. Swan possesses clearly one of top bodies on this site and this scene ranks near the top. Her skin is soft, and fair, her ass is almost too perfect for words and she reacted to a fat porn cock in her tiny little butt wonderfully. The shot at 29:20 was as good a porn shot as I have seen in a while. Download this one and enjoy.


Teeny little Jessyka Swan looks so young, but with that naughty glimmer in her eye, you know she isn't innocent. After having her ass opened by Pierre Woodman, she has been performing some great anal scenes across the industry, so I'm glad to see her here at Perfect Gonzo.

Throughout the tease, Jessyka has a seductive smile on her face, like she is toying with us before the sex. We get the usual tease, and Jessyka has a purple toy in her ass to match her dress and eyeshadow. It is very important these days to coordinate! A stud comes in and gets a pretty nice blowjob, before Jessyka rides him cowgirl in her pussy, with the dildo in.

Then we come to Jessyka's specialty, anal. She takes it first in side saddle, before riding cowgirl, where she moves with great rhythm. Her gaping asshole looks so pink compared to her milky white skin. Then it is time for doggy with more gapes, leading into reverse cowgirl in a full nelson! Finally, Jessyka takes it in her ass in standing doggy, before taking the full load in her mouth.

A very good scene, from a very good performer. Jessyka kept her smile and seductive look throughout the scene, no matter how hard she was getting it. And she seemed ready for more!


I really liked the fuck (and view) at 48:00. Should have gone much longer like that. Great scene overall.


Oh myyyy. Jessica Swan is one of my new favorites. What's not to like? She has a gorgeous face, banging body, and is starting to open up to a variety of more and more depraved sex acts. Her ass is almost perfect and her tits are so perky that you would have to put a warning message on this video if it was in 3D. She's so cute and innocent looking, but you know what's coming. She starts off with a few plugs in her butt, just to get it warmed up. She sucks cock like a pro with the added perk of great eye contact and a nearly constant smile. She takes a mildly aggressive throating without a smudge or smear on her perfect little face. In the hardcore action, she takes it in the ass with nearly the ease as her pussy. Her range is perfect, shifting from 'it feels good' to 'it feels great'. No matter how hard she is hammered, she never loses her composure or grace. She is almost begging for a gangbang to test how far she can go and remain in one piece. She takes the cumshot in the mouth and appears to love it. She may appear delicate, but Perfect Gonzo needs to put that to the test! - Civlor


I want to eat her asshole like a bowl of expired coleslaw!


Hot girl with great gapes, when will we see more of her?