Added April 8, 2008

This sexy blonde goes by the name of Katy. She loves to take it in the ass. Two guys pound her tight little ass until they blast their loads down her throat.

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Katy is still a real turn on cute blond - uh she a little fuck doll! On the Oral part Katy has still not understood that her purpose and duty is on her knees with her mouth open so the man can shove his cock all the way down her throat were it belongs. Katy either resists doing what she should or maybe does not have the brains to figure it out.. But thankfully the cock is fair and square - so with justified reason takes revenge in Kay's ass. So after being wrongly cheated from the joy of choking Katy with his cock our stud goes right in and drives his cock up her ass just pounding away - and Katy looks and screams just way we like! Yes there is justice! I love the pained look on Katy face just as the cock is crammed up her has and starts pounding - this just NICE! Now there is no more mister nice guy chick! oh no Katy we own your and are R A M M I N G ! -Get use to it or not, chick! This is one of my top choice scenes : the look on Kay's face and her screaming is TOPS! D


Dmander's review is the most awesome thing I have read on here! I had to go back and watch this film again, it really is one of the greats. The guys work together so well, they simply destroy this bitch with ferocious, drive, they can sit back and congratulate each other on a job well done. There's a point in the doggy fucking where the stupid bitch is in the wrong position and the guy can't get his shaft in all the way to the balls, but he doesn't let her get away with it, firmly shifts her ass to the right place, and the 9 inches of fat cock is rightfully up her asshole! It's very satisfying to see the pain she's in, she has a blank "wish it was over" look as he hammers her butt. Imagine how Katy feels as one guy rips her ass open, the other is smearing his shitty cock all over her tongue, and both guys are laughing and calling her a dirty cunt! This is the best.


Asstraffic rules ! If the idea of a young cute girl getting ferocious,ly fucked in the ass with a big cock making the little bitch scream with real true pain sounds nice to you - this is a good place to start. Asstraffic has a lot of excellent stuff for fans that simply like to see young girls fucked toughly hard in the ass while they scream in pain. Join today if you haven't tried yet - you will not regret it! -this stuff is so nice!


Excellent ANAL scene! -Good raw anal with a cute screaming girl! A real must see! Katy is a nice cute blond bitch of 23 years. Katy has a very tasty and well defined brown asshole that turns me on! It's a nice buttplug warm up with really nice slobbering farts from Katy's asshole when the plug is pulled out. Action starts really well with some good solid face fucking - I always love it when the girl is on her knees, hands behind her back and the studs just grab her head pull it down over the hard cock making it go balls deep down her throat - and soon Katy's eyes are messed up from tears! -SUPER! - and there same good deep gagging as the cocks are kept all the way down her throat! YEAH! Katy takes it in the ass in doggy - and from the get go it's very deep, hard and fast - Katy starts screaming and at once there is pain in her voice and on her face! TOP NOTCH -This is just what I like! Soon her asshole is spilling out brown/yellow assgoo -ATM will be extra great here! Katy's asshole and mouth takes a good solid cock beating - and it's very pleasant to see her screaming contorted face, and getting choked hard and deep with cock straight from her messy asshole. VERY nice in fact. This is a very satisfying scene -it so great cos' many time you can actually hear and see the effect on Katy's pained face from the individual thrusts of cock up her ass, literally: "she just took that penetration and that how it felt!" -good camera work again from the team: face and ass in the frame - and some good close ups of the girls face when you that see is taking it up the butt! I gotta say it again: this is a great flick and watching Katy's face and the look in her eyes every time a cock is slammed up her asshole most satisfying! Dmander PS: READ THIS -If all of this was not enough this scene has a most unusual and entertaining ending! Normally Oral cum shots don't do much for me (unless the girls face is showered in sperm and she takes a sperm shot straight in the eyes covering the eyeballs) But this is great fun! Katy just don't wan't to swallow the guys sperm! -And she tries to cheat! -she just CAN'T bring her self to do it !! But our instructer is on the case and FIRM! (good job, man) Katy really wants to avoid swallowing -and taking the guys sperm back home - but she is cornered with the camera right in her face and there is no way out! The really COOL and FUNNY thing is that she ends up swallowing sperm 5 or 6 times or more ! That's what you get when you dont just "bite the bullet" and get the job done - you end up doing what you don't want too do over and over instead of once. -It is TOP NOTCH entertainment seeing the look on Katy's face. -This is a winner - wow if only every scene ended like this! I can so easily imagine Katy rushing to get dressed, picking up her snotty payment and storming of to the nearest caf? with a flamingly sore asshole to get a strong coffee to wash away the unwanted taste of the guys sperm that has just trashed her asshole. Katy hoping to forget about the whole thing while the guys are laughing their asses off and doing high fives! -What a shame we didn't get that on tape too. -A classic this one!


SUMMARY: This was a fine scene, and I'm sure lots of the more hardcore fans will love it from start to finish. For me, though it ignored the big picture. The tease section was confined to seeing her ass plugged, and the sex was all go and no slow. I really like Katy, but this scene wasn't quite my speed. DETAILS: Katy is super-cute. She's on the more mature side as far as porn stars go, but believe me, she doesn't look it. I reviewed a SpermSwap scene of hers some time back, and I must say, it was one of the best scenes I've seen on the PerfectGonzo sites. This one starts off with a great amount of attention paid to Katy's ass. In fact, for the first first ten or twelve minutes, we hardly get to see anything else. She plays first with her fingers, and then with a butt-plug, and gives her backdoor plenty of attention. That is the extent of the tease section. Some people will love it, I'm sure, but I was left wanting to see much more than just her butt. Oh well. When two guys come and join her, the action gets fast and furious in a hurry. Some outstanding deepthroat and cock-gaggy action is followed and interspersed with lots of high-spirited anal sex. It's a real caterwauling moan-fest, I must say, and the double penetration is equally hardcore. The end is a bit odd, as both guys unload in Katy's mouth and she has a really hard time choking all that sperm down. Again, some people will really get off on her discomfort, but for me it was a little too much reality. MLyons