Added May 17, 2004

Cute Monica is getting an insanely intense anal workout as she takes two big cocks up her ass in her first ever anal scene. Gapes galore as we explore her butthole's limits!

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Yeah, I agree, this scene is ultra hot


This scene is a classic :) I still remember I watched it over and over for many times. Moni is one of the best performers I saw, I really miss her. One of top scenes you have at this network.


I am not one for skinny women, whatever they do I’ve gotta see some meat on them bones before I get a boner. Maybe it’s from bad experiences with protruding hip bones or pointy butts, but cushion whether it’s for real or on screen is mandatory! Having said that, Monika (or Moni) is an exception. Why? I’m not exactly sure. Maybe it’s the outfit (tan, skin colored bikinis always turn me on!), maybe the dirty look she gives you throughout the movie, but that ‘x-factor’ has gotten me stiff and ready enough to download this movie. She looks like your schoolmate or coworker, someone who you see on a daily basis but don’t really pay much attention to. However, when dressed like this, and doing things like this, well you have our full attention! Really, its pointless to go into details; the guys at PerfectGonzo have given us nearly all forms and sizes and tastes that to talk about the goingons of this movie is redundant. Instead, if you’ve ever fantasized about assbanging the girl in the procurement department after work, or always wanted to see what the girl in your liberal arts class can do with her legs spread, and ass wide open download this movie now! I promise, with the right fantasy in place, you’ll be coming back to this over and over again. :twisted:


This is one of my alltime favourite scenes! Moni is so beautiful and as sweet as sugar. She reminds of a girl I used to work with. She's clearly shy and inexperienced which is what makes this scene so hot. The men bend her over and take a long time preparing her ass. It's a perfect example of how to treat a young girl who's never done anal before. And when her ass is ready - boy does she get fucked!!! They bang her like a slut in several positions and she looks quite shocked at times like she can't believe two well hung studs are nailing her bum in front of the camera. John Yves Castel in particular has a big thick cock and this bitch takes every inch of it!!! :P


Some girls are born to getr fuck in the ass, Moni is in this family. Her long legs reclaims a dick in the butt everytime. Look at that incredible ass ! It's an every man dream to have access to a slut whore like that. The kind of girlfriend you go fuck in the ass after working before go home fuck your wife. The perfect add-on ! A real ass-machine who go in my top10 asstraffic movies.