Myrna Joy

Added July 9, 2014

Anal newcomer Myrna Joy is a shy, petite brunette. Watch her take it it up her butt and swallow a load of cum.

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Myrna Joy


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Hmm, what can I say about this scene? Myrna Joy is cute enough, but this particular scene did not float my boat, so to speak. The action seems rushed and the technique was poorly executed. The entire scene was a bit vanilla. Forgive me, but Myrna is not hot enough to carry the scene with lackluster sex only. Definitely room for improvement. Sadly, it does not earn a permanent place on my hard drive. - Civlor


While I'm not sure that Myrna, at least in this scene, compares to the level of performance or general charisma shown by some of the favourites on this site, there was a good deal to like. She is certainly cute, and gives a committed, pretty energetic performance throughout. I was impressed by how she took the blowjob while upside down on the sofa, and it would have been nice had this sequence been longer. The scene is certainly worth it though for the doggy anal as Myrna presents herself on all fours on the floor. I'd like to see more of this in other scenes.


Myrna is hot. She has a nice body, not too skinny, not too plump, she about right. She has a dirty look about her and she's certainly no beauty but you know what? I like that. They follow the usual routine, a bit of a strip, a spread pussy and a dildo up the ass before a sloppy BJ turning into a skull-fuck. Bit more variety would be great. At 16:00+ the guy arrives and starts to fuck her pussy. She looks good and we see the insertion. She takes a good hammering to the pussy with some cute pussy gapes. This is a nice section. 23:06 and he's sticking it up her butt. The doggy style anal looks great but there's a bit too much of it here and it would have been nice to see some different positions. He finishes in her mouth and she shows us her tonsils. This is a good scene, cute girl and they both have energy. 8.5/10


Myrna is a pleasure to watch in action. She appears to be another newcomer but is well-suited for the scenes. I especially enjoy watching as she carefully sucks the stud's cock looking into the camera as she does it. But I have to say the view of her ass being nailed hard at the 38:00 mark is the highlight. She has a perfect ass and the POV-type angle makes it easy to imagine you're the one filling her asshole with your hard cock. I don't know how the stud was able to hold off from filling her asshole with his cum right then. But, he's a professonal and we're not. She does a nice job sucking his cock toward the money shot. I wish the camera would have zoomed in more for the cumshot so we could better witness the jizz landing in her mouth and on her face. Myrna is a great find--hope we see more of her. How about a three-person AllInternal video where we get to see her lovely ass filled with two loads of cum? 9/10 mmmgood


What a joy it was too watch Myrna. This girls gorgeous with a cute face and stunning pair of tits. With only a handful of scenes it would've been understandable to take it easy on her ass but this wasn't the case, she can take quite the ass fucking. Her facial expressions and moans during the anal were a plus. Watching those gorgeous tits bounce as she was getting fucked hard in the ass was just delightful.


Myrna is a cute, young babe with a winning smile and a nice, plump buttocks (exactly the type that we love to see getting split open by a hard cock). Myrna looks great, as expected, with a penis in her pretty little mouth and she does an awesome job of maintaining eye contact with the camera, even as she receives a pile-driver ramming down her throat. Myrna's natural breasts get squeezed real good as she lays on her side to allow the raging hard dick to penetrate her incredibly tight brown eye. It's tough to resist salivating as we see Myrna's beautiful back end getting reamed as she is face-down on all fours. She really has the type of goods that you would love to tongue for hours on end, but stroking your cock dry to this great scene is just as good. Myrna is definitely a keeper.


Great scene, Myrna is a Joy to watch.

Please bring her back again soon... for a DP.


This is the first scene of Myrna Joy in here Perfect Gonzo, and I haven't heard of her anywhere else so I think she is new in the business [lets be kind]. She has to work a lot with everything that has to be with solo scenes and foreplay; perhaps later she will be more confident and relaxed and will do better in this part. The real part starts when she begins giving head, as a matter of fact she has her own technique with her own cadence; giving small and clean licks that I really like, but also pressing tight with her lips. The sexual intercourse was also very good; her positions were fine [you can see her tits moving freely] and her moans were natural and not exaggerated. And she also is a very good cum swallower; so is going to be interesting to see Myrna in other scenes! [-Ramon]