Niky V

Added October 31, 2007

A skinny blonde with a pierced pussy is about to get totally ass fucked. Two guys fuck her straight to the ass and double penetrate her. She swallows two loads of cum.

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Niky Verona


Art & Addons piercing Body Type skinny Breasts small Butt flat Clothes costume lingerie skirt Cumshot swallowing - multiple Ethnicity caucasian Eyes blue Face Type butch Fetish ass to mouth eye contact tittie play Furniture lounger Hair long - straight Hair color blonde Location living room outdoors Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Position doggystyle regular reverse cowgirl standing Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia small Sex anal blowjob - single double penetration Skin tone light Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting

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Niky is a cute little skinny slut. From the very beginning the action is balls deep, fast, and furious. PRECICLY the kind of action I was looking for when I joined this site. As mentioned before, at no point does she look like she enjoys the anal pounding. Three people were performing in this scene, and two enjoyed it! Not her, that's for sure!:wink:


Like I said this is really an excellent scene ! This is TOP NOTCH ferocious, ass fucking -and Niky just screams and NEVER looks at ease or like she enjoys the cocks ripping up her asshole - but just takes it like she should. All we need now is weekly or daly updates with cute (real) "first time" teen girls getting ass fucked just like this! Dmander


Excellent ferocious, ANAL! For fans of non stop fast hard ferocious, anal this "old" scene is still a winner! Niky is slim and tight - and the guys power ram their cocks up her asshole with brute drive all the way - there is non of the downer "yes chick" "give it to me" "I like it" bullshit from Niky (that can ruin any good scene - I REALLY hate that) as the guys have their fun ripping up Vicy's asshole at full blast! GOOD solid hard anal here! This is just the kind of action I like - needless to say Niky is way to old for my taste -but for my money every update should feature only 18 and 19 years old bimbo pop chicks dressed like school girls getting fucked in the ass just like this -YEAH!! Dmander


GENRAL REVIEW CONTINUED: Well here I go again I know -I'll try to be brief, but I missed out on something here. A thing REALLY misings at these sites (Allinternal, Asstraffic, Cumforcover, Tamedteens ect.) are more pictures in the sets and bigger in size please! There so many fantastic photo opportunities here! More pictures of the girls looking all "dolled up" posing, please! I always enjoy going thru the picture sets before I see the videos. I'ts great to see the girls looking sexy and posing -and then see them get fucked. And more pictures of the actual action would be fantastic -especially the rough deepthroat stuff. Good close up pictures capturing the expression of these cute teen-girls faces with watering eyes as the hard cocks are shoved down their throats would be another good reason to sign up -and just as hot to watch as the videos (and in combination it would be totally awesome!) Dmander6


Niky V : Excellent ! This scnee is very, very good. Very enjoyable! Niky V is a girl I haven't seen before with great sexy, super slim body - there are no fake boobs and all the other dolled up stuff - so she might be just what she appears to be - a girl at 24 years a little too late in the game to make it to the front row of hardcore porn stars, also because she don't have the cute "could be model face". I don't think Niky V is on verge of a mayor break in the business with lots of great offers in LA. I think the studs know this very well - so she don't get the star treatment here! From the beginning Niky is fucked with full drive hard and fast in the ass all the time -They really pound this girl's asshole like they just don't care! This is good stuff! The cocks really power pound Niky's asshole and she is is nor given a seconds break -They really go to town on this one! Dmander6

Member general review: Excellent This seams like a good time and place to give a general review of this fine site. Ass Traffic is truly one of the best X-rated sites around for several reasons: A: The obvious one is the fact that every scene features a nice girl and at best a cute, young girl getting fucked in the ass (-and at best good and HARD by two hard cocks or more combined with good deep-throat fucking ). Anal guarantee B: The girls are generally really hot. And I really like the way they get "dolled up" with great make up and perfect "pop girly" Bimbo like clothing. At the best of times we get very young and cute girls with great fake boobs, over the top bimbo make up, teeny light-pink lipstick and lots of lip gloss (I hate the dark stuff), long fake fingernails in vivid colours, long "pop star" styled hair in different dyes of colour, elaborately designed mini skirts and tops verging on the tasteless, cheesy and cheap jewellery, classic plastic super high heeled porn shoes. All this put together make these girls super sexy fuck dolls The vision of how a young girl is supposed to look, dress, and act is just spot on!!!. C: The Anal sex generally very good! The best scenes feature only Oral and Anal with ATM. There are some DP stuff and some of it is good too - but the best scenes are the ones where the girl or girls are fucked hard ONLY in the ass all the way (and the pussy is TOTALLY ignored) On that note I would like to suggest making a scene (or more) where the girls pussy is totally covered and closed with duct tape (or something else) so that the asshole is the only port of entry -that would make the whole intro and build-up before the ass-fucking very exiting -especially with the very young newcomers. C,2: THE STYLE OF THE ACTION! This is maybe the most IMPORTANT point: When the girls get their assholes fucked we rarely, if ever, see them rubbing their clitt and pussy furiously allowing them to distract their focus from the cock in their ass (I have a strong suspension that they are not allowed to) No, a best they are simply flat out fucked in the ass while choking on cock. This is an important detail I really like! In a lot of American produced porn you get these girls "power rubbing" their pussy saying all kinds of accepting stuff like "oh chick I like it!" or "OH Yes, yes chick!" There is hardly any on this bullshit here! No, here the girls just incoherently scream and moan loudly. E: Quality of downloads are GREAT if you choose the big files - but even the next size down is great. (I've had a bit of trouble with some of the HD quality WMV downloads - sometimes they only came down in half or even less). Well this is some a all the good points I have to say. Anyway as a former member of Tamed Teens I have to confess that I miss some of the excitement you find there (their hallmark). At Tamed Teens the action is generally rougher especially on the oral side -no blow-jobs there! Often the oral sex is really enjoyably rough with the studs holding the girls head and hands down shoving their hard cocks relentlessly down her throat making the young girl gag and choke or at best cry. Also the generally young teen-looking girls get a much rougher treatment, including hard face and ass slapping, choking, nipple pinching, getting pulled around by the hair and get called things like slut, stupid bitch, and whore ect. -I do miss this here at Ass traffic I must say! -So you could argue, why not stay at Tamed Teens -well two reasons: why wait around for a handful of updates when you could be trying something new. More impotently in only half of the scenes at Tamed Teens the girls get fucked in the ass - so that's a bummer - Like I said: Here at Ass traffic you have a guarantee every time you see a cute girl in an update you know she is going to get her ass fucked. The sites in this network all have their highlights : Maybe the best stuff is at All where there's a couple of scenes with two hot chicks getting assfucked with the guys shooting their loads up the one girls ass and then the other girl swallows the whole load straight out of her asshole! So in the best of all possible worlds in this network, would be a site combing the best of the most extreme from Tamed Teens, Ass traffic and All Internal : A site with a "no pussy fucking" guarantee. Featuring nothing but CUTE NEWCOMER ULTRA BIMBO TEEN girls getting slapped around and ferocious,ly deepthroat fucked till tears and relentlessly ASS-FUCKED with multiple huge cocks, with lots of messy-ass-gooey direct girl-to-girl ATM -and finally made to swallow several loads of come straight from each others assholes. I'm sure we can all agree to that! In the meantime ASS TRAFFIC is the best ANALSEX site with sexy girls and great quality! Dmander6


SUMMARY: Niki is a good looking girl with a hard body, but her face is fairly average. For those who like genital piercings, though, Niki is your girl. She was certainly mine in that regard, and I really enjoyed this scene. She takes it hard and doesn't let up, and the hardware in her pussy just makes it all the more nasty. Good stuff, and incidentally one of the first scenes on the site to be available in true HD. DETAILS: Niki is a decent looking blonde, but what makes her special is the double piercing she's got downstairs. She has a ring in the hood of her clit, and another one down further in one of her outer pussy lips. I'm sure some will hate that, but I think it's super-cool. Aside from the piercing's Niki isn't bad to look at, but she's not spectacular either. She wears a plaid bra and skirt combo that doesn't stay on her body for long. She starts by talking to the director and showing off her body on the stairs a bit. Two guys join her and they go straight for the ass and throat. They fuck her in the usual positions, with her pretty piercings flipping and glinting in response to the hard fucks. Eventually she gets double penetrated, and then takes a bit more ass pounding in reverse cowgirl and in doggy on that weird chair that seems everpresent in the Perfect Gonzo scenes. She takes both loads in her mouth and swallows for the closer. MLyons