Patricia P

Added April 1, 2008

Particia and her big round ass are looking mighty fine. Two guys go straight to attacking her asshole. She gapes big and swallows two loads.

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Patricia Parisch

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On the staircase again Patricia is nailed good and hard in the asshole -and there can been no mistaking that guy's are taking full pleasure and enjoy slamming cock all the way up her asshole as she is down on her knees, twitching and screaming with the pained and dominated look all over her face that makes it all the more satisfying. The studs had a good time here and Patricia took the anal lesson she rightfully deserved. Dmander


Damn this is good! it's a fucking PLEASURE as Patricia screams her lungs out and tries to pull away from the cock impaling her little asshole until she ends up flat down in an even more exposed and uncomfortable position as the guys enjoy penetrating her asshole. Flat down she screams even louder while curling her toes, kicking her feet and twitching like a little fish caught on a nasty steely hook! Uh -the look on her face is the works! For my money this is just the type of scene that makes Ass-Traffic great - if only EVERY scene was just like this featuring a "teen-young" cute girl reacting just like this to cock up the ass i'd be just perfect. Dmander


TOP fucking stuff again! Just watched this little ANAL master piece again - this one rules! Patricia is a super cute slut with great firm lines and a great bubble butt - just right for a good ass ripping anal lecture. This scene holds one a the TOP highlights here at AssTraffic for sure! : The initial ANAL penetration of Patricia's asshole as Nick shoves his huge cock up her rectum is ANAL at it's best! The way Patricia screams with the look of agony all over her face as he crams it up her butt is 100% E X A C T L Y what we like to see! - This part of this great flick you can watch over and over. Patricia's reaction to a cock up the ass here is just PERFECT! This scene is anther proof that it's not so much how hot and model like the girl is but it's the look on her face as she takes a cock up the ass that counts. Dmander


When the scene opens up you see Patricia sitting on a chair showing off her ass looking over her shoulder. My hopes (and something else!) perked up right there. Long raven hair, bionic upgrades, and a tramp stamp! Porn slut, American style! I was NOT disappointed, and that says a lot considering how much I hoped for. At 13:50 the head goes into her ass. She wrinkles her brow a bit, and squints a bit while raising her upper lip. That’s face language for “oooow!” He immediately pushes his cock balls deep in a slow put firm single push. She doesn’t like it, and her face shows it. Her voice shows her discomfort as well, rising in pitch as the speed of his reaming increases from slow to medium. She sucks the other guy off and on, as she gets pushed forwards by his thrusts. She is gradually being pushed off the edge of the couch as she involuntarily pulls away from his painful strokes. At 17:00 she loses her balance and transfers from her elbows taking most of her body weight to hands. Keep your eyes and ears open folks, because when this happens there is now nowhere to go, and the guy nailing her anus shifts his position and gives her a quick balls deep series of thrusts, the first getting a very good vocal reaction, and her legs curl at the knees! The director pulls her legs out of the way for a better view of her butt, before shifting the camera to her front. Delicious suffering! The shift to the stairs for lifted leg anal slows the pace, and she seems better able to take it. It doesn’t go as deep or fast either. For all you feet people out there, there is a brief time when she’s getting it doggy anal, and the other guy foot fucks her! The action picks up again at 20:50 when he gets a better angle, and she starts visibly suffering again. The strokes are not balls deep, but the angle is bad for her. Pulling out and gaping you can see her anus is now showing the telltale signs of wear and tear. At 21:20 he reinserts it far a quick spike in the pain graph, with a bit of vocal reaction to confirm! At 21:30 the other guy takes over. He is not as big as the first guy, but goes balls deep and faster to compensate. The scene abruptly shifts to “the monkey climbs the tree” as I call it, her hanging on his neck, him holding her with his arms behind her knees while he stands. Extra point for the unusual and very athletic position! It then shifts to her on her side, sucking and getting ass fucked with her leg up. Minus 1/4 point for letting her get away with putting her left hand on the anal guy’s belly to slow the action. She slowly twists from her side to on her back her “shock absorber” hand sliding from him belly to his thigh. He doesn’t really go any deeper, but speeds up a bit, and the angle is more painful for her. They roll her on her stomach and her gape shows even more rawness and inflamation! On her stomach the reaming continues while she sucks the other. At about 26:20 the ass man changes the angle or depth, (can’t see which) and kicks the pain up an other notch. She is unable to continue sucking it hurts so bad! This goes on for far to short a time before the scene quickly jump cuts to a DP. One quick suggestion here. When doing DPs, please try and have the thicker cock in the ass. Do not switch guys as well when going from doggy DP to reverse cowgirl DP. Bonus points for the rare athletic position, for the obvious pain, and for her losing her composure making her unable suck cock. Minus 1 point for lack of ATM! Total score 9. Chrostas


When the guy shoves his cock right in Patricia's asshole, there's a great moment when we get to see the guy with a big smile on his face as his dick is really hurting her ass! He and the other guy really get to enjoy themselves as they dish out the anal pain on this bitch. Both guys ram their dicks up her shitter all the way for the maximum fun, she tries to pull away but they don't give a fuck, then they drive her to taste her ass! A good fun scene.


Patricia is super hot and sexy in that dumb bimbo style I like - she has a very sexy rounded body. Patricia says she is 23 years old - making her a little to old for my taste - but she looks quite teeny anyway - I gotta say that raw rough ANAL with a girl in her teens that looks like an innocent schoolgirl is what I prefer. If the girl is to far into her twenties no matter how hot it is simply less appealing. I would have liked the oral part to be more rough - making her choke on cocks drived ball deep into her face would be great. - But the straight to anal start is really good and exciting : Patricia screams and her face looks like the cocks shoved up her ass actually hurts - so it is very pleasing to watch! Patricia screams with pain in her voice as they ram their cocks up her asshole in doggy and she pulls away but they keep on banging cock up her asshole while she screams, curls her toes and kick her feet - Just what I like! They move to the staircase and fuck her ass while she is standing - unfortunately Patricia looks more comfortable now -so it is less exciting to watch, needless to say! But They go to doggy on the stairs and the strained and pained look returns to her face making the action hot again. Overall Patricia gets nailed pretty good and hard in her asshole - there is some DP -so the cocks penetrate her pussy . I much prefer when a scene is all anal and oral and the pussy is totally ignored - Vaginal is flat out boring and annoying compared to knowing that every thrust of cock is straight up the girls asshole -Knowing that a cock is also in a the girls pussy and stimulating her clitoris is VERY distracting and annoying. Good porn is guys having pure and straight one-way pleasure shoving cock in to a cute teen girls asshole. Dmander


Patricia is in an orange bikini showing off her bountiful ass as this movie opens. It's nice to see a girl with some more curves, and she shows them off beautifully, gyrating and crawling around for our viewing pleasure. The panties come down and she starts fingering her butthole. This isn't enough for this slut, so the director gets a purplish, thick buttplug which he slides right into her ass. This is a thick stick she's got in there and she takes over, sliding it in and out gently, leading to some nice gapes. She walks over to another area of the house with the buttplug still in there. Two studs with hard cocks appear and takes turns getting sucked and shoving the plug in and out of Patricia's ass. It isn't long before they put her on the couch and start nailing her doggie anal. This is hot stuff as this babe gets an anal pounding. She has great facial expressions as you can tell it's not the most comfortable thing to have big, rock hard dicks thrust in and out of her tight little butthole. The doggie anal continues before some brief standing anal then spoon. They do a really nice cowgirl DP then finish with a reverse cowgirl DP before Patricia is on her knees, staring at the camera, mouth agape waiting for some sperm. The first guy gets a solid six spurts right into her mouth. The second guy drops a thick, white load right in there, and Patricia shows off her collection before swallowing it down like a good little whore. Great end to a terrific scene. This is excellent hardcore anal action. If you like hard sex with pretty girls, this is one for you. Rating: 9/10