Added March 11, 2008

Yeees! The time has come to fuck Regina's pretty little asshole. She screams like crazy as she gets drilled in her ass. One load of cum goes all the way down her throat.

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Regina Moon


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Nice review on Regina, AssMan! Also on Trinity and Patricia P -this is the good stuff here! But yeah, Regina has just THAT look on her face we like to see as the cock is slammed hard up her asshole. -And her face is in the frame most of the time so we don't miss out on the best part. The Natasha & Ana flick is also good if you have not seen it yet. Dmander


Regina looks great in the opening, but unfortunately for her, she just today's fuck slut for our guy! He's only interested in slamming her as hard as he can, which turns out to be a lot more than she can take. The best position is on the barstool, he pulls his cock out so just the head is still in her asshole, then slams the next 8 inches right up there! Each thrust is a real stinger and she really looks like she wishes it was over. Bad luck, bitch!


Regina is drop dead hot - AGAIN - I gotta admit that most of the resent updates during the past half year feature some really hot chicks and it is great to know that every one gets fucked hard in the ass (at best). Regina is very beautiful with classic dye black hair like many hungarian bimbo girls. Regina has the perfect body and face with super slim and long sexy legs - what shame it is that ALL girls everywhere can not match her goddess like sexiness (and some misguided girls don't even want to try!). What a peaceful great place earth would be if that was the case... But anyway it will never happen so philosophy aside and lets watch Regina take a good ANAL bangment for the fact that she is so very hot! Regina is simply super hot! THOSE LEGGS! MAN! What a doll! After some good deep oral Regina takes the cock up her ass and it is perfectly framed as her sweet face contorts in a frown and she starts screaming! Top fucking notch on the excitement meter! Excellent Excellent ! - just the stuff! During the first part of the ass fucking she screams with a convincingly pained and strained voice and look on her face -and that makes it VERY stimulating and exciting to watch! -Just what I enjoy watching! Oh yes! This stuff is truly great! - Regina's face is kept in the frame so you have the joy of seeing her pretty face while she screams with a pained look as she takes up the butt! - NOW THIS IS WHAT ASSTRAFFIC is about - Now you're talking! Man this SO good! Again as they move to the bar chair and Regina gets it in reverse buns over the edge up the the ass she screams and contorts her pretty face in the way that makes you know that the cock truly stings up her but! - I really dig the look on her face when she screams out loud! Arhh! This is one of the top scenes here! - It has that super satisfying element of a hot cute girl really screaming with that pained look on her face - that just keeps taking up the ass like she should - this is the kind of stuff you want to see in EVERY scene -but sometimes you do not - and that is always a REAL bummer when you think the girl is a really cute and hot bimbo. -Cos you always go into a new scene hoping she will look and scream like Regina does in this one... This one is simply VERY good - a textbook example of how a young girl like Regina should be rightfully fucked ! VERY VERY VERY GOOD! PS: This scene could have been totally spoiled by some downer vaginal sex - but true to good and proper style Regina is fucked good and hard in the ass exclusively and that makes this one extra good -and REALLY and TRULY a pure joy to watch without the sudden let down of mega "turn-off-vaginal penetration" - and that is a FACT!) MORE OF THIS PLEASE Dmander


Oh man, this is a great scene! Read the previous reviews which summarize it nicely. Regina looks so sexy in this video in her red fishnet stockings. I particularly enjoyed the finale in which the stud, after fucking her anally as she lies on her back, gets up and shoots his cum into her mouth with her freshly analized ass in the foreground. Afterward, she swallows the cum and gives us a winning smile. Perfect!:D


Review This is another fabulous scene from Regina and provides a striking contrast to her other non-anal scenes. Looking her usual beautiful and very sexy self, this time in devilishly red fishnets stockings she is put threw her paces in an all anal trip to hell and back. Never before has Regina been more vocal, moaning loudly (reaching the stratosphere at times) from the very beginning her ass is filled. On the negative side, It would have been nice to see more of her whole body and incorporate other positions into the shoot such as reverse cowgirl or an on-the-couch scenario. That said, there is now another reason to bring her back for round two. Verdict 8.5/10


Wow, first Debbie White gets analized, and now the lovely Regina Moon! She looks sexy as ever in red fishnets, a black two piece and open toed shoes. We get the obligatory tease before she gets in doggie and slides a neon pink buttplug right into that tight asshole of hers. We get some more tease, which is nice as oil is sprayed on her ass. As it drips down, a stud shows up and presents his rod for Regina's attention. She wastes little time going to work, giving him some oral pleasure. We get a nice shot of her legs and shoes way up in the air as the guy works his cock down her throat. The anal starts in spoon, and it's a great pleasure to see this cutie take it up the butthole. They do some doggie anal, and he pulls out and lube comes out of her butt, and she then sucks his cock A2M style! They do some cowgirl anal and anal on the bar stool leading to even more ass to mouth goodness. He ends by nailing her in mish, and you can tell by the look on her face that she's not quite an anal pro as of yet. Luckily her asshole gets stretched out good in this flick. He cums in her mouth, she swallows it down, and we get a nice view of her freshly fucked asshole to close out this scene. I loved it, I've wanted to see Regina take it anally for some time. Thanks for making this a reality! Rating: 9/10