Roxy K

Added October 25, 2005

A newbie to the anal game Roxy gets her freak on with a cock in her butt. This cute tight booty babe loves anal and loves to swallow cum.

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Roxy Reed


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I saw this girl’s body in passing and nearly downloaded in my pants. Dy-no-mite! She’s toned and has an ass that I could split atoms with. The beginning of the scene has us following Roxy around as we are hypnotized by the cheeks. I laughed out loud when I thought this would make a great scene by itself. Her tits are small, but shaped well. Her face, torso, and legs are almost as good as her ass… almost. Her pussy and ass look so tight, coal goes in, and diamonds come out. Normally I would gripe about how long the tease part of the video is. Not this time. She uses a chrome sex toy that starts as a dildo but turns into a depth gauge. If I were to dive into her pussy, I may never come out… by choice! She sends the metal rod into her ass where it disappears and is never seen again. Just kidding, but close. A highlight of this part, beyond the obvious, are her legs pointing north and east like rabbit ears on an old TV. I don’t know if they would be considered dancer legs, but she could kick my ass, I’m sure. Please? Some hidden humor arises when the cameraman tries to use the metal dildo on her and puts it in a few inches, almost afraid to go in too far. She quickly grabs it out of his hands and shows him the true meaning of the abyss. Nothing but the handle remained afterwards. She starts to suck off one lucky son of a bitch. She does this well. Beautiful face, lots of tongue, both valued here by me! She shows us that she can take as much yardage in her throat as in other places on her body. Additional points are awarded because she sucks the actor hands-free for most of this portion. Surprisingly, his large cock pops right into her small, tight pussy without the need for the Jaws of Life. At this point, vaginal sex seems like a formality for what surely lies ahead. However, any screen time for this beauty is worth the effort. When it gets time to switch to anal, there seems to be some difficulty getting a rhythm going. Perhaps she is having problems taking the whole dick in her ass. This only makes the scene hotter. She takes about half of the cock in, but I think she could handle more. I think this is some sort of game she’s playing to entice the viewer. Whatever it is, it works! After some doggy and some halftime sucking, she lets loose and takes in the whole cock with ease. She gets pounded full drive in several positions, but we rarely get to see her best asset, her ass, from a good point of view. That’s ok, she’s hot all over! In a shocking development, she seems to take the cum blast in her throat and eye like a pro, but then she gags and coughs it up. Very hot. What? Pros: My balls hurt from seeing Roxy in action. Cons: See pros. My Score: 5 out of 5 - Civ