Samia Duarte

Added April 19, 2023

Spanish bombshell Samia Duarte is back and this time she takes two cocks at the same time. 30+ minutes of anal extravaganza.

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Samia Duarte

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Best looking girl I have ever seen she needs to wear those type of jog pants she looks hotter with them on because it shows off how crazy good looking her ass is god damn is all i gotta say!


OMG !!!!!!! FANTASTIC More of Samia more !!!


I've not watched Samia before, but after this count me as a fan. She is blessed with a glorious ass, and has an attitude and relationship with the camera that is a pleasure to watch. The tease is everything other reviewers have suggested; she has plenty to tease us with and she flaunts every inch just as you would wish. A good, vigorous blowjob merges into the anal, as one guy moves round behind her as she kneels on the sofa, jiggling invitingly. This doggy anal really is a sight, and is Samia at her best I think. I'm not often a fan of DP scenes, as too often they are badly filmed, but this one is very well done with the focus remaining on Samia. Great smile on her face as she swallows for the finish. Her attitude was great throughout: enjoyably vocal, facially expressive, and while you could tell the scene was not a straightforward walk in the park, she never reduced her level of performance. Good stuff.


I really like Samia's work. This one does not disappoint. She is nice to look at, and even better, dirty as hell. She jams things inside her ass with both ease and difficulty, depending on how she wants to show you. Even before the hardcore starts she is ATM'ing herself with a sizeable glass rod. In the hardcore phase we see her dominate with great blowjob skills including earning bonus points for taking both in her mouth. By the way, her tongue should get its own video. While she gets nailed in her ass she switches back and forth between 'it hurts' and 'I love it'. How these two dudes could concentrate with an ass that wonderful is beyond me. She takes it like a champ the way she always does. A keeper. - Civlor


Samia looks delectable in leggings, tube top and cool high-tops as she leads us through a beautiful outdoor tease. Caution: Her hip rolling and ass shaking/smacking is enough to make you finish early. My favorite bit was seeing her hop on a water fountain and work her generous rear. She (sorta) settles down and pulls out a nice toy for some ATM. The buttjob is nice and slow and Samia seems to enjoy the taste of lube with ass juice.

A double helping of indoor cock greet Ms. Duarte as she grabs hold of both - sucking hard, throating often and using lots of saliva. The sex is brisk and enthusiastic with each guy getting ample time in her ass; she made sure to always have a cock in her mouth during non-DP action. The standing DP was particularly good; Samia kept one foot on a divan, making her suspension easier on the guys and the fucking more fluid. After her spirited pumping she got on her knees and swallowed two loads the way every girl should: With little effort and a big smile. Fantastic scene!



Welcome back "Double Penetration" at PerfectGonzo!
Samia Duarte has a perfect round ass - and she knows to shake it extremely well. Not to forget her smile. The combination of "Shaking That Ass" and Samia's smile makes you believe to be part of a beautiful summer morning somewhere in a sunny place. I just love these teasers.
After the ass-shaking, Samia starts to play with a plastic toy. Just in time the real (male) toys arrives at the scene and very soon their dicks find out how this lady gives head. She is very aware of the camera while she moves from one dick to the other one. We see her getting fucked really well and the double penetration starts in the standing position before we see "normal" and reverse dp-action. Samia receives facial cum shots at the end of the scene and since she is a really good girl she swallows the loads.
Enjoy this high-end scene. (Mr_Wite - eurobabeindex)


Phat Ass Samia Duarte gives Perfect Gonzo fans the first true DP since the site made its comeback (Susana Melo is technically the first but she didn
t take cock in her ass so we must put a * next to her name.) and this Spanish beauty was a fine choice for the honor. Her big beautiful wide smile will remind the well versed porn fan of a Bobbi Starr. However as fantastic as Bobbi is/was, I am not sure even she possessed Samia's talent for using her ass a tease. Our little chica twerked and waved her ass for the camera as well as showing a nice ability to roll her hips with good rhythm (not surprising considering her Spanish roots. A strange note on the scene is that Samia's top stayed on throughout the scene as well (Director's Choice? Bad Tattoo maybe?
After the tease she spends a good 4 minutes lying on her side and slowly working her asshole using a clear plastic sex toy with a nice round sphere on the end. That shape was delightful as every time she pulled it, out her asshole would spread wide, the toy would slide out and her hole would pop right back into shape. This was a sure nice glimpse in her immediate future. The sex starts with Samia pleasuring two cocks with her mouth. Facing the camera and with a cock on each side she readily moves from one side to the other with a smile on her face. Her initial fuck, bent over on a couch was illuminating as it was clear this girl looks best with her ass in the air.
Samia was verbal throughout the scene, asking to be fucked and encouraging the studs to go ahead and work her hard. In doing so she showed a bit of a 'likes to be manhandled' side. There were more than a few pleasure grimaces as the guys went after her ass and mouth with a bit more gusto. The DP didn't start until around the 40 minute mark and the initial position was the standing DP, not something you see very often. It was a quite a feat actually because while Samia is an amazon, she isn't a small Tina Hot type. The normal DP position then involved some fantastic close up shots of her holes getting plowed and facial expressions. There was some ATM's if you are a fan as well. So in closing this was a very good 8.5 out of 10 scene. -Tudor-