Sandra B

Added October 17, 2007

This sexy cowboy chick named Sandra fucks with three guys in this movie. She deepthroats their cocks and lets each of them fuck her tight ass. She swallows three loads.

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Quite a scene for big ass Sandra. It must have been one of her first rough hardcore one as she seems a bit surprised of the way the guys treat her (even if the director warn her : "we will your ass really for this!") Contrary to others, I haven't been bored by the fuckers attitude. They are here to power fuck that ass and drive their cock in that mouth, happily taking turns, high fiving and laughing at this whore attitude ("shut the fuck up bitch!:twisted:). On the downside, they can't really manage to go balls deep in sandra's asshole, but they are definitly trying. Top scene for me, "classic" asstraffic style with no mercy for the ass!


This is another 3 on 1 (It seems that 2 on 1, 3 on 1, 4 on 1... has become an standard) for Asstraffic starring beautiful Sandra. This scene is not very long (26 minutes) but it is very intense. Three horny guys give her no break. They destroy her asshole and her mouth in every possible position while she keeps a docile attitude. One thing that I didn't like is the men attitude: they keep talking and making jokes all the time when they should be enjoying the sex with that incredible woman. The scene ends with three loads landing in her mouth. Average scene 3/5


There is a such quality in the perform of this shocking chick called Sandra. I was so hypnotized by her eyes and body that I have to be in envy with those guys who banged to her and giver their cum after DP. She?s hot and her body is so incredible, no matter the age but Sandra is fantastic. I also would like to see her in a Givemepink scene. It?d be great.


Sandra is one of the best anal newcomers in porn if not the best. She has that dirty Slav whore look about her that Western men like me can't get enough. And she's a total slut!!! Three men fuck her ass senseless and she takes everything they have to give her without complaint. She's going to be a real star! :D


Another example of what a special model Sandra B really is. Wearing a hot pink mesh top and a matching cowboy hat, she starts the video featuring her most glorious asset, her perfect bubble butt, barely covered by the hot pink mesh fabric, pulled all the way down. After some teasing, she pulls the mesh fabric up, showing off her gloriously naked ass. Walking over to a small wooden bridge she bends down, showing off her long legs and the wonderful definition of her ass. Later, she kneels in front of a doorway, her ass facing the camera and her face looking back at us to see our reaction. She pulls her panties aside a little, flossing her pussy with the fabric. Very hot. By this time I'm really enjoying watching Sandra and am a little disappointed to see the camera man's hand come into the frame as he slaps her ass. Luckily, the commentary is short and Sandra goes on a little longer playing with herself. Now outside, and kneeling on a lounge chair, we see Sabrina nearly naked and enjoying herself. She inserts her fingers into her pussy, bringing them up to her mouth. Who can blame her? Now with encouragement from the camera man, she lies down and spreads her legs, stroking her pussy and spreading her pussy lips. Very nice. Now the camera man sticks his fingers in her mouth. I hate this part. There's nothing sexy about it. Two other guys come into the picture, one with a goofy look on his face as he quickly offers his hard cock to Sandra's mouth. She alternates sucking cocks, and she's pretty good at it. Once again, a guy ruins the flow by sticking his fingers deep into her mouth. Why? I really hope one of these girls kicks him in the balls some time. Positions include various anal, as the guys alternate inserting their cocks into Sandra's asshole, and several double penetrations. She pulls them off well, participating intensely. I know this is an AssTraffic video but I think it's weird that her pussy doesn't get much activity until the dps start. Sandra takes the moneyshots into her mouth like a champ, never blinking out of fear she might get some in her eyes. She even has a smile on her face, particularly after the second guy shoots several big streams of cum into her mouth. Check out the great image of her smiling at 26:10. This is not my favorite of Sandra's videos. For some reason, the guys really annoyed me. But I really enjoy Sandra's great looks and energetic performance. I agree with one reviewer's earlier conclusion about Sandra: she can be a big star if she just adds a little more personailty to her performances. I'm hoping PerfectGonzo will continue to let her perfect her craft. Maybe she could be in an intense GMP video soon?