Sandra Parker

Added October 23, 2007

Sandra and her amazing bubble butt make another appearance at Asstraffic. Two guys fuck her ass hard and double penetrate her. She swallows two big loads.

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The beautiful Sandra, the only con about her is that there are not enough scenes of this lovely angel. In this scene, as usual she shows her perfect body to the camera shaking her wonderful and delightful ass, always smiling ready to have fun. After some POV foreplay with the camera man / director, two male performers appear and as soon as they get with Sandra she starts sucking both cocks. I love how Sandra gives bj while standing up like in min 9:36, that has been my favorite angle to see on a scene and Sandra performs it so perfectly all the times. At the end she receives both cum shots inside her mouth. The display of Sandra showing the cum inside her mouth is so hot and beautiful at the same time that you wish that part of that cum was made by you. Finally, she swallows it all 10/10 [-Ramon]


Snadra is my perfect type of girl : A real full on BIMBO SLUT ! ! Snadra does all the things a good girl should do to look sexy for the male sex. Snadra gets a boob job, goes to the solarium, works out to make her body firm, keeps her hair long and sexy with pop strands of dye, has fake finger nails, spends time doing make up, thinks about shoes and clothes that will make her look sexy - what more could a man need - this girl has no time time for anything else - she don't know fuck - AND ALL THE EDUCATED LEFT WING BITHES PUT HER DOWN - And you would rather fuck Snadra than ALL of them put together! -And that is a UNIVERSAL FACT! In other words Sandra knows that her purpose in life is to look sexy and spend a lot of time on her knees with hard cock shoved down her throat and up her butt. Anyway Sandra would make a great girl friend you could fuck in the right hole every night - as for her use here in porn its a mayor downer that Sandra actually looks like she likes getting her as fucked - Sandra never looks like its to big, to hard and that it hurts - so it's not pleasing to watch at all. - but she is hot. Dmander


Yes, Sandra is back indeed! However, I disagree with MmmMmmGood here and think that she looks even more attractive than before. Maybe it's the outfit that she's wearing (I think the right outfit can really make or break a scene), but the sexy little neon green and pink thing she is wearing makes me HOT! Then theres also the fact that Sandra's tits and ass are grade A prime. God damn, who wouldn't want to stick their cock into that ass? Everything else about the fucking MmmMmmGood already said...but let me just add that it's really hot sex. Watching this slut get pounded is enough to make any guy's cock rock hard. I especially enjoyed the assfucking sequence when Sandra was lying down, face-down on the couch. Man that looked good. Overall, I'd give this vid an 9/10


Sandra's back! She's still got an incredible figure but the light blonde hair now has brown edges, making her face look less attractive. :( If "bubble butt" were listed in the dictionary, a closeup photo of her ass should probably be next to it. It's still a perfect speciman, with subtle gapes at the beginning and an oh-so-fuckable pussy right next door. Two studs tag-team Sandra in this video and, as usual, she's more than up to the task. The fucking gets serious at 10:40 as Sandra bends over to suck one stud's cock as the other pushes his into her welcoming asshole. I'd certainly give it a try myself but probably after taking her pussy for a ride. Guess it wasn't in her contract. After the guys take turns fucking her asshole in various positions, the action concludes with a so-so double penetration and a double cumshot in her mouth. Though she does a decent job swirling and swallowing, her heart doesn't seem to be in this movie. It's kind of like she's not having as much fun as a partial brunette. I sure wish she'd go back to all-blonde 'cause I've always heard that all-blondes have more fun! 6.5/10