Added December 4, 2007

Stefani is a cute teen looking to have her ass filled with cocks. She shows off some huge gapes after a big cock penetrates her. She even does a double vaginal penetration before swallowing two loads.

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very hot, she takes cock well!


Great close ups of the double vag and DP. More double vag please.
-Richard Thrust


This a Gaping Asshole scene!!! If you like to see big gapes, this is definitely your movie. Three guys fuck Stefani's ass in all positions and give her no break. After a few penetrations her asshole is open as a tunnel. I think this girl is able to take two cocks at the same time in her ass. I request a new double anal scene with beautiful Stefani!!!


Stefani is super cute, slim and hot - she takes a lot of good hard cock in the ass. But unfortunately she looks like she enjoys it - She never looks convincingly pained by the cocks penetrating her asshole -so its not so very nice to watch. Quite a bummer really. Too bad cos she is hot - but she simply likes it to much. Dmander


We'd seen Stefani in some hardcore action in other flicks, and it was about time we got to see here getting the Ass Traffic treatment! The movie starts on the street, with Stefani walking on the sidewalk in nothing but an orange bikini and umbrella, moving sexily towards the camera. Fantastic views of her ass as she walks towards a house, where undoubtedly her rectum will meet her doom! After the usual tease, a long ribbed clear dildo is inserted into Stefani's butthole. The director puts the thicker end in her ass and makes her push it out. She puts her legs right over her head and we get a nice view of that thick butt dildo coming out of her tight ass. A big cock then shows up, and starts nailing her ass right from the start. He pulls out and stretches her ass apart to show off a very nice gape. They switch to doggie anal, and the stud picks her up and moves her to a small couch and we see two other guys have showed up to get some action. The doggie action continues as the guys take turns nailing her ass in doggie before showing us some gapes. They really start nailing that ass as she sucks off another guy. They switch to reverse cowgirl anal and put the clear dildo in her pussy for a DP. We get a great position now, as Stefani's legs are up in the air with her ass on the arm of the couch, exposing her butthole for some fucking, which the guys do readily. The gapes get really big now! They do a cowgirl DP which turns into a double vaginal, a rare feat for Ass Traffic! The DPs continue this time in reverse cowgirl, with great shots of this cutie's feet! For the finish, each of the guys cums into her willing mouth, which she swallows down. The director gets her to stand up and put the dildo back in her ass and say goodbye. Excellent anal scene, for those who want serious buttfucking, look no further. Rating: 9/10