Added April 29, 2008

Timi is the perfect speciment to take in the ass. She has a perfect tanned body and a pink asshole. Three guys bang her up, gape her and destroy her ass.

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Timi (or Sandra) is a super hot 20 year old chick - with a stunning bimbo face with fake blond hair, light pink lipstick and tasteless long fake fingernails - just way I like! Just perfect with her great body and cute face -so I really hope to see her get totally ass hammered with some brute drive. The whole intro is a little long without seeing enough of her pretty face. -But slowly we get there... The oral part is a bit shabby for my taste since Tami is not properly throat fucked - so we don't have the joy of seeing the studs actually banging their cocks down her throat making her gag and choke like she should. Fortunately its straight to the ass and Tami takes a fair ass fucking - But she looks way too cool and worst of all too comfortable as the guys fuck her asshole - So we don't get that certain look on her face that it is ALL about - simply because they don't fuck her hard enough and never slap her around, pull her hair, call her a cheap slut or make her choke on asshole smeared cocks while taking it rough and hard up the ass at the same time. I gotta say that I am totally into Tami -I really like her! - But I would really enjoy a much, much rougher scene with her - there simply isn't the part where we see her pretty face scream while a big fat cock power pistons up her ass! - and its a shame that she is choked with cock with the brown goo that drips from her asshole. Dmander


Timi is a skinny girl with fake blonde hair and wearing a fixation-y outfit as the scene opens. We get some tease of her skinny butt before getting to business. She gets in doggie and with two hands spreads her butt cheeks apart to expose her cute little asshole. The director spits in her butt and then takes a dildo attached to a flashlight handle and shoves it into her ass. He leaves it in there, handle sticking out, and shows it up close and we get a full body shot too. She stands up with the dilo still inside her butt and starts sucking off a cock. Two more guys join the fray and she is sucking one, with the dildo still in her ass, and stroking off the other two. What a skilled young girl. The guys get her in doggie and take the dildo out, and show off a nice gape. The fucking then starts, with the guys taking turns nailing this slut's ass in doggie. They pull out and we see increasingly nice gapes, this girl's ass is getting stretched out! They do reverse cowgirl and team up to pull her up off the cock allowing another stud to impale her in mish. Hot stuff. They do some spoon then cowgirl, all in anal. This chick does not want anything in her pussy! They spread her legs apart and we get a nice close-up view of them nailing her ass in mish. They do some lube heavy doggie then do a cowgirl and reverse cowgirl DP to close things out before the swallow ending. The 3 guys all come in her mouth, one at a time, and she needs 2 gulps to swallow it all down! Not a bad scene, I'm not big into Timi, but it's nice to see a 3 on 1 scene. Rating: 8/10