Tina G

Added March 25, 2008

Tina has a thick white ass ready for fucking. She takes a cock straight to her ass without any hesitation. After some huge gapes and hard anal she takes a monster facial.

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Tina Gabriel


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This MUST be one of the most beautiful woman ever came down to this earth! Starting from a pair of long super sexy legs to an dream ass... but the best piece of heaven are those super tits, big enough but not monster big, hard and perfectly shaped with huge hard nipples...these is the nicest pair I have ever seen. Her face is also very beautiful, but way too much paint for my taste - its a shame... Tina is worth the money for this website alone, please show her again and again and again...I am in love with her..........


This is what anal sex is all about. She took it like a champ from start to finish. Her asshole is perfect! It should just a little red and sore after a pounding like that; and hers does. The only way to improve this video would have been if she had swallowed the load, otherwise, I loved it! This one made me want to go wake up the wife and fuck her in the ass!


This 25-year-old, long-haired, brunette is ready for some asshole stretching action. After a long pregame show it is time for the beef. Tina crawls up to him on the wood floor as he stands in the kitchen. Her mouth immediately inhales his cock as he leans against the counter. After a few minutes he lies on the kitchen island and Tina does also. Leaning over him from his left she continues her oral warm-up of his dick. A little past the halfway mark of the scene, Tina finally puts the “Ass” in “Ass Traffic” as she mounts him reverse cowgirl with her shitter on the kitchen island. She rides up and down his shaft. Her empty pussy stares at the camera as her filled ass takes charge of the action. The pair rotate 90 degrees to their right on the counter top, never missing a beat. Tina dismounts. She assumes the 69 position over him. Her mouth slurps on his dingy dick straight from her poop-chute. Our stud carries her over to the sofa. She rests her on the arm of the sofa on her left side. His dick slides back into her ass. He fingers her cunt as he pounds her turd tunnel. I love it when he puts both his hands around her throat. Tina squats beside the sofa. Her mouth once more taste her ass fresh from his cock. She leans over the sofa arm. He thrashes her butthole doggy style. Tina moves to the middle of the couch. He is able to pound her ass with more leverage now. After a long anal pounding he moves forward, and slams her mouth with his dick as she remains in the same position. Back to Hershey highway he goes. He reclines on the sofa. Tina mounts his cock with her ass reverse cowgirl again. We get a great shot of her big ass going up and down his pillar. After a bit they switch position so she can ride him facing him. Tina kneels on the floor in front the sofa. He moves up from her left stroking, his cock. His first contribution flows down her left cheek. A burst then lays a stripe of white over the bridge of her nose. A few spurts pop out onto her forehead. A few more go onto her left cheek and across her upper lip. Not a bad facial for a single shooter. The scene was average at best for the first 95 percent. The facial definitely pushed it into the upper 50-percentile!


SUMMARY: This is a another great scene among a recent plethora of great scenes in Indexxxed. There's not much to say except Tina is fucking cute, she takes it up the ass the whole time, and the facial at the end is a perfect closer. I highly recommend this scene, and only hope that even more scenes like it are forthcoming. DETAILS: Tina is a very cute, short girl with a really nice body and equally pleasant face. She spends a few minutes doing the usual--some slow teasy-y shots of her crawling on the counter, straetching her bikini bottoms aside, and showing off that luscious ass that some lucky stud gets to fuck. Beside her on the counter is a pink dildo, which she eventually takes and attempts to stuff up her ass. Judging by the effort she makes, it doesn't seem to go in easily. This doesn't make it any less interesting to watch, though, and it certainly doesn't deter her enthusiasm when the real thing arrives. When her lucky mate does appear, Tiny crawls over to his dick for some nice mouth-work. They both get up on the counter and Tiny straddles him reverse cowgirl for some "straight-to-the-a" action, and God-DAMN does she look hot. her strawberry nipples stand out at full attention as she flips and contorts her way through the usual smattering of anal positions. So much for any trouble she might have had with that dildo. The scene closes with a nice facial. MLyons


She is one of the hottest models I've seen on this site yet, with nice natural boobs. Also the film has only one guy, which is much better because we see more of the girl and less of some guys ass during a dp. More films like this one! Hopefully there will be a full 1080p version available in the future.