Added July 8, 2008

Trinity has an amazing round ass that is perfect for fucking. She gets her ass pounded hard and swallows a big load of cum.

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Trinity is a super mega bimbo hot slut!!! What a cheap no brain super blond! She is JUST what I like: She has the look I REALLY like : dye hair, full lips, lots of make up, big girly teeth, shaky on the high heels (she needs a boob job though) I short : the more poppy glimmer, glam and bling the better. Trinity might not have the brains for a conversation but surely a cheesy taste in music - and what could be better that than nailing Trinity straight in the asshole flat down on the kitchen floor while listening to Britney Spears singing "Ups I did it again"? Trinity has just the look on her face as she gets that cock up her ass I like : Screaming with pain combined with the acceptance of the natural fact that this is what is expected of me and this is what I deserve : taking it up my ass -cos' the guys enjoy the way I scream! The best part is the end when Trinity is flat down taking some real deep hard thrust up the ass - the look on her face is pure PLEASURE!! -This part should have gone on -and on -and on -and on -and on -and on -with the camera right on her face as guy after guy comes in pinning her down right in the ass. Dmander


When Trinity takes it lying flat on her belly, it almost makes me blow a load! Her asshole gets seriously violated by the entire length of the guy's cock and you can tell she's feeling every painful inch of it. EVERY Asstraffic bitch should take it in this position! Good job, guys! Let's see some more like this!


Trinity is a classic dumb blonde cunt, she probably thought this scene would be easy, but AssTraffic sent along a pro fucker with a big fat cock and her asshole got destroyed! The guy looked like he decided this bitch was gonna pay, she was really uncomfortable with the hard anal fucking, and he kept hammering it in! It was fun to see him humiliating her more by banging his shit-covered dick into her mouth, he really enjoyed wiping the brown ooze onto her lips and tongue! The guy sends this bitch home with a sore ass and a messy face..... NEXT!


WOW - WOW -WOW ! ! ! Holly lord! - Trinity is simply so totally hot and sexy it's almost too much - she is the perfect bimbo blond - that face, those eyes and the full lips mouth and large front teeth makes her the classic "Blond" sexy girl! -Don't we all dream of getting our hands on a girl like Trinity? I love her blond/dark dye hail - I find that so sexy! The action? well there is some o.k. oral - but the nice part is watching Trinity's face taking good and hard cock up the ass - there is something about blonds isn't there ? that old classic "not so bright" thing - and taking it up the the ass with that "Uh it's so big and hard" look on her face is just super. In general Trinity is what I call "a good girl" -does what she is told and takes a good anal beating. She looks nice all the way! The last part is top good with Trinity almost flat on her chest with her butt in the air taking deep hard fast cock up her butt with some nice close-ups of her face.


Trinity is the next girl to put her poop-chute on the chopping block. One stud is given the challenge of putting the puckered hole through fire. The long-haired blonde preps his cock for the tasks with some good cocksucking while he stands and she kneels. I love her stunning eyes as she looks up at him. Trinity is a knockout. Our warriors love to hold the back of her head as he fucks her mouth. When he sits down on the patio seat, our tall goddess stands up, and bends forward to keep her oral work going. He uses both hands to shove her head down hard onto his dick. While Trinity stands and leans forward, he moves in from behind. He guides his cock into her dark tunnel. The pounding begins as he hear the slapping of skin as his body slams into her ass. From their they lay sideways on the small patio couch. You can see the powerful piston-like action of his cock as it drives in and out of her asshole. It is awesome to see Trinity’s teeth gritted with his left hand clinching her throat as he trashes around in her ass. This ain’t no lovey dovey anal. Our boy is takin’ it to the bitch. Next Trinity mounts the lucky stiff reverse cowgirl with her pooper. He helps carry her up and down his pole. I like it when Trinity puts her feet on his thighs to help propel her. He rubs her pussy while his dick continues its anal invasion. Trinity bounces off his cock, and turns around to suck it with her shitter-ooze clinging to it. She mounts him once more, but facing him this time. The view of her ass sliding up and down his shaft is tremendous. After a long ride she assumes a doggy position on the patio couch. She reaches back between her legs, and plays with her pussy as she hammers her asshole. The best view is when Trinity lies flat on her stomach and he pounds her hard. Trinity kneels on the patio at the end. We get another good look at her fabulous face and eyes. He squeezes his rich white cream into her mouth, and she proudly shows off her mouthful of cum for the camera. Trinity then swallows down her protein drink. This girl has “star” written all over her. She is a tall, natural beauty with long hair and a killer face. She also seems to have a great attitude. I’d love to see her in “Cum For Cover”. She would be a knockout.